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Star Wars The Last Jedi - my thoughts, and other figures we may see? *** Contains Spoilers ***

If you follow the site you know Movie reviews are not something I do. I do however like having fun and speculating on what Action Figures we may see after seeing a new trailer or a full movie.

Having seen The Last Jedi on the day of release, I think I need to put down some of my thoughts and I can couple this with some Action Figure speculation. This post will contain spoilers after the image...

My over-riding feeling walking away from the first viewing of The Last Jedi was one of being very flat. I also felt confused and not particularly satisfied. Having thought about this, the key for me is that everything setup in The Force Awakens was practically swept of the table and either disregarded or not answered.

The big issue for me was Luke. He wasn't the Luke Skywalker of my youth and was quite annoying and didn't get any action. While I get his jaded view of the Jedi, the setup from TFA was that he had left a map for people to find him when they needed him - but that didn't fit with his "I came here to die" line, and the question still is who made that map and why?

Snoke was poor too. He was set up as an all powerful dark side user and we saw snippets of that. Then in a blink he is gone. No backstory, no explanation - nothing. While I didn't need him to be Windu, Vader or Palpatine - I did need to know where he came from. He is portrayed as someone as powerful as (if not more than) The Emperor, and someone like that had to be "someone" in the duration of the original trilogy.

DJ was equally vague. I liked the way Del Toro played him. But he just flitted in and left, no motive or nothing. I do accept he may play a bigger role in Episode 9.

Rey's parentage was not as big a shock - and without the other slaps in the face would be quite clever. I have a feeling this isn't over with yet - or it has been radically changed from the plan. Daisy Ridley herself said "it was obvious who Rey's Parents are" after TFA. But to then make them nobodies feels like a big change in direction.

And finally Leia. Awesome performance and she was the star of the movie for me. But that scene where she floated back to the ship felt really bizarre as there had been no setup of Leia being able to use the force. I will be interested to see how they now tackle writing Leia out of Episode 9. For me she deserved her Han moment? As did Luke rather than the blink and he's gone scene - but I guess he will be back as a Force Ghost.

While I found Poe annoying for most of the film, I did like Rose and Finn and their Relationship. I also thought Rey was awesome as was Chewie. The Porg's were not as annoying as expected.

I will be going back to see the movie again. But as it stands I feel a bit like the Resistance at the end of the movie, deflated and with very little left in the tank. I hope the Solo movie can lift me back up again - or that my future viewings allow me to see something positive.

So onto figures...

And weirdly I kind of feel we may have had all the Black Series figures we are going to get for The Last Jedi. With DJ and Island Journey Rey coming in January - the only others that stand out for release would be Vice Admiral Holdo, Luke in his Jedi gear from the finale and Leia in her robes. Even the Canto Bight aliens were not interesting enough for a figure - perhaps with exception of the Police, the new Bespin Guard?

Give me those and then let's see the Black Series move onto Solo and some more familiar looks and themes.

The movie also put some of the figures we've had into perspective. Maz was a fleeting appearance, so for me her release is more a Force Awakens release - same for General Leia in those combat fatigues. While the Praetorians didn't disappoint, the Executioner was barely on screen despite being a poster boy for the movie? Snoke now feels less of a chase, and I wonder once most people have seen the movie if his popularity will plummet? And Ackbar, with his exclusive set I thought he would even get a line and live past the opening.

While I had thought I wanted a tweaked Phasma with staff, her brief appearance has put pay to that - I can live with the one I have. Same applies for Hux. An Ade Edmonson figure would be great though.

In the 3.75" series I can't see much more either. I think a 3rd Luke is possible as could be further Praetorians and I would like to see Snoke get a single release and not be held in that £200 BB8 playset (the one that will be £50 soon). Other vehicles are also unlikely too in my opinion, after the AT-ACT hit they took last year I don't see a new AT-M6 coming out in 3.75" scale - maybe an AT-ST if fans are lucky?

Let us know what you think? Please use the Disquss comments here rather than our social channels to keep spoilers locked away for those who don't want to see them. All of the above is my opinion, and I appreciate this movie will split fandom in many facets - let's keep it civil and respectful.


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