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Review : Tie Fighter Pilot Wave 6 (2014) Star Wars Black Series

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Since the first pictures were released, the Tie Fighter Pilot has been one of the most anticipated Star Wars 6" figures and also subject to varying views on the sculpt, the size of the helmet and even how feminine his hips looked.

As you can tell by now, I am a sucker for Imperial troopers from the OT and with the various Stormtroopers we've seen so far starting to get a bit boring the release of the Tie Pilot was high on my want list also from wave 6. I picked up my first pilot just before Xmas when I bought the majority of wave 6 from Films and Figures in Chorley. I had also dropped a couple of hints with my wife before Xmas, and so have just receieved a 2nd Pilot that she had ordered for Xmas courtesy of Star Action Figures - it seems I am destined to army build imperial troops.

The pilot, #05 in the new Blue Trim Box, is reminiscent of Vader and the Shadow Squadron in so much he is pretty much lost in the black box with its black background. He arrives with only one accessory, a storm trooper blaster - which has also courted much controversy in fandom over what weapon a pilot would really wield. For me, and having seen a recent episode of Rebels where the Tie Pilots were out on Patrol, the choice of gun is acceptable.

As of writing this review I have unboxed both pilots and am pleased to say that the sculpt is very good on this figure, the focus obviously being the helmet and the chest box. He is painted as well as you would expect for an all black figure with some nice detailing of the Imperial Logo on the helmet and shoulders and some decals on the chest and lower arms. Articulation is good but on both Pilots I have found they are a real pain to stand in a natural post - it looks like he has one leg slightly longer than the other and despite much faffing I haven't managed to push it further into the joint or get it sorted.

My main issue however with the pilot is the addition of a holster. Now I don't mind some artistic licence and if you are giving my TP a gun, then a holster makes sense. The issue is that they have positioned it directly at his side which means it clashes with his left hand (what is it with all imperials being left handed) and even more so when the blaster is inserted. Sure you can thankfully twist the belt to move the holster to the rear (where I feel it should have been) but that then ruins the front of the figure as the belt buckle is off centre.

As usual I am nitpicking and please do not get me wrong, the TP is a must for any SWB6 collector and especially those with an Imperial Fetish. I have two and at the right price I may double that number in the future. Scoring wise this figure would drop in somewhere around a 4/5, he is a good sculpt has good paint apps and pretty solid articulation. You cant argue with the accessories (what else would he come with) but the holster has

dropped him points for me.


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