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Review : Star Wars Black Series Tobias Beckett, Solo : A Star Wars Story

Welcome to our review of Tobias Beckett, part of the 18th wave of Star Wars Black Series 6 inch figures. While previous Star Wars movies gave us most of the figures all at once, the Solo figures are being nicely spread out through 2018 and Wave 18 gives us Woody Harrelson's Becket to add to Han, Lando, Chewie and Qi'Ra in your Solo display.

Packaging 4/5

Beckett brings us nothing new in the packaging department, it is the standard Phase 3 box with black base colour and red side spine. Beckett is number 68 in the line and he is given his full name of Tobias Beckett on the packaging. I do like the Gregory Titus artwork which captures that Harrelson look really well.

On the reverse the text talks about Beckett as a survivor and how he works the angles to come out ahead. It gives nothing away in terms of the plot and how Beckett became a kind of anti-mentor to the young Han Solo.

"Beckett is a survivor, always quietly working out angles to come out ahead. He's assembled a team of specialised scoundrels to carry out risky, but profitable heists"

Sculpt and Paint 5/5

In hand the likeness on this figure is spectacular. The face print technology does a real great job of putting Woody's face onto this 6 inch figure. There is shading to the face with realistic eyes and a neat moustache and facial hair. The hair piece sits well over the head and is combed to sit at one side of the face, coming down past the ear. This is painted in a light brown with a darker brown wash to bring out the detailing.

Beckett is wearing his overcoat which is a separate piece in a softer plastic. The shoulder parts are one tone of beige, while the rest of the coat is a slightly lighter shade. Under this is a brown jumpsuit with a blue scarf piece round the neck. The boots are grey with brown panels and black soles. There is also another second piece in the belt which is also cast in softer plastic and wrapped around the waist and secured to the legs next to a sculpted lower strap.

All the paint is crisp and neat with no obvious errors or bleed, even the smallest detail like coat and jumpsuit insignia or the canisters on the belt are crisply painted.

Articulation 5/5

Beckett has a full set of 16 points of articulation and this gives him a pretty impressive set of movement. Each joint is tight and moves well, including some surprises like the single jointed elbows which bend more than 90 degrees. Even with such a long coat and a big gunslingers belt, the figure has been thought out enough so neither of these impede any movement. The coat can even be swept back at the side to reveal both holsters.

Becket stands really well on the ankle rockers and the arms come into their own once you add Beckett's blasters.

Accessories 5/5

Beckett comes with two blasters, and it is good to see that Hasbro didn't scrimp and give him the same blaster as Han - the one he gives Han int he movie.

The two blasters are similar in colouration, but they are two different types of weapon. They are both painted in silver with brown and black grip. Each blaster fits in either hand, but I found that there was some differences in how the trigger finger sat depending on which weapon was in which hand.

The design seems to match the reference guide with the Blastech RSKF-44 (no sights) being made to go in Beckett's right hand. The larger Blastech DG-29 (with sights) is then made for Beckett's favoured left hand.

When not in use the two blasters can be slid into the holsters. Again while they fit in both, the fit is very tight and there seems to be a way round with the blaster with the sites fitting better in the left holster on my figure which makes sense considering how they are held. The arm articulation being so movable even allows Beckett to be posed drawing his blasters.


I can find very little to fault on Tobias Beckett. The sculpt is great and enhanced by the face print. The clothing is also well sculpted and although the base colours are flat, there are other details such as the coat badges and belt canisters.

Articulation is also strong with plenty of posing options, including a number of action poses with one or both of the included blasters.

I score Tobias Beckett an impressive 5 out of 5.

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