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Review : Star Wars Black Series Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Knight), Attack of the Clones

Star Wars Black Series Wave 25 arrived in Summer 2020 and was predominantly based around Episode II : Attack of the Clones. It brought us four new Jedi in the shape of Kit Fisto, Plo Koon, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Bolstering the Separatist forces with a re-pack of Count Dooku from Wave 24 and a new Geonosis Battle Droid.

Packaging 3.5

Wave 25 arrives in the Phase 3 packaging, and is the last wave to feature the black box with red spine and cardback as the Black Series moves to a 4th Phase in the 2nd Half of 2020 with the Galaxy collection packaging split by movie.

Obi-Wan is number 111 in the 3rd Phase packaging, with the numbering featured on the side spine and reverse of the box. The figure is specifically sub-titled as Jedi Knight rather than as Attack of the Clones and this now means we have a figure of Obi-Wan through his Star Wars journey from Padawan through Knight, General, Master, Exiled Obi-Wan from A New Hope and finally Force Ghost.

The packaging carries the usual Gregory Titus artwork on both front and back. While OK, I don't think the illustration is a fantastic likeness to Ewan McGregor, there is something off about the piece. Alongside the illustration on the box reverse is a short piece of text with a very loose overview of Obi-Wan at this time.

"Obi-Wan Kenobi became a general in the Army of the Republic as the Clone Wars continued, having many adventures with Anakin Skywalker"

Paint & Sculpt 3.5

Obi-Wan has a new head sculpt, representing his look in Attack of the Clones with the longer hairstyle and full beard. It is one of those heads that looks absolutely stunning from one angle and then somewhat "off" from the other side. There is something about the eyes that is not quite right, they are too narrow and the face print tech just can't get the detail. Some early stock of this figure had a lighter hair colouring, which also didn't help - our review version is the 2nd revision with a darker wash on the hair sculpt.

Obi-Wan is wearing the usual Jedi robes with various layers painted in differing colours from a white undershirt to the tan outer robes. These robes are cast in the base colour with only the white painted and the belt - which is pretty detailed with a brown leather base as well as silver, black and gold elements added. Like the robes, the trousers are cast in the base colour of cream and the boots are then painted in a single red/brown with black to then trim the soles. Like the hair, these boots were different on the first stock released and were sent out in a less accurate dark brown.

There is no attempt for weathering or washes on the figure, so it looks a bit too clean. There is also no inclusion of outer soft goods robes as seen with Mace Windu and the older A New Hope Obi-Wan. Thankfully, if robed Jedi are your thing there are plenty of secondary market sellers to enhance your figure with the relevant robes - although it remains baffling why Hasbro include them with some Jedi figures, and not others?

The body is a full re-use from the 2019 Padawan Obi-Wan figure, with changes in colour as appropriate. You can see in this comparison that Padawan Kenobi retains the better likeness and how that eye shape is perhaps not quite as well replicated on the new version.

Accessories 2.5

Obi-Wan has his lightsaber as a single accessory. Like all sabers this can be taken apart so you can display with or without the blade. Like a lot of recent sabers, the piece that connects the blade into the hilt is very flimsy and the saber is warped/bent out of the packaging and it is not easy to bend back into shape without risking the piece snapping completely.

The hilt is well executed with a silver base and black and red details. It fits into either hand - or both - and the hilt can also use a small plug on the side to slot into a corresponding socket on the belt.

It is the same hilt as was used in the Padawan set, but the blade on the 2020 Obi-Wan is a touch shorter and a touch lighter.

Articulation 4.5

Obi-Wan has the 19 points of articulation for a Black Series human character including the new two joint neck articulation, where the neck is articulated at both top and bottom - removing the unsightly pivot. The arms also get the butterfly shoulder joint which makes a big difference for posing, particularly two handed saber grips.

Head : ball joint neck base, ball joint neck top

Body : ball joint torso

Arms : ball joint shoulder, butterfly shoulder joint, single rotating elbow, pivot wrist

Legs : ball joint hips, thigh split, double jointed knee, ankle rocker

The only real restrictions are at the shoulders where the robes do extend a little and stop the shoulders going all the way up. While there are no longer soft goods on the robes they are flexible enough to facilitate seated poses as well as kneeling and crouching - although these type of poses are not the most visually pleasing as you can see below.

It is Obi-Wan's saber poses that are most impressive ranging from two handed poses to attack positions and overhead strikes. These are all enabled by the butterfly joints at the shoulder, making a huge difference to the possibility.

Most of the joints on Obi-Wan are tight and secure with satisfying ratchets in the majority of them. There is some looseness in the hips, which may be an issue in the future. At this stage, he has no problem standing.


It is great to see Episode II receiving some focus and new versions of Obi-Wan are always good, with this one pretty much completing the set from each of his movie appearances - although there are a couple that could now do with revisiting.

This is not the best head sculpt, but is streets ahead of what we were getting just 2-3 years ago and it is an indication of how far the line has come when I am criticising a figure that does look just like Ewan McGregor from a couple of angles.

The body/outfit is a re-use, but this is fine - particularly with the articulation being so good - and the only gripe remains the lack of some outer soft goods Jedi robes. Hasbro do need to be careful with the newer sabers which are all arriving warped and with a very fragile plug.

I score the Attack of the Clones Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight, a score of 3.5

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