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Review : Star Wars Black Series Greedo

Pros : really good head sculpt. Weathering on the clothing is subtle but effective. Cleverly designed gun hand despite the elongated fingers

Cons : The blaster is a little non-descript

Greedo arrived in the Black Series in the 2nd wave of the original "orange series" figures. The wave was very Han Solo orientated with a figure of Han himself alongside Boba Fett and Greedo. The fourth figure in the wave was the "Slave" Leia figure from the scenes in Jabba's palace.

Greedo was #07 in the line and has not been re-released in single format. He was included in a Mexican 4-pack which was essentially the whole of wave 2 in a single box. He was also included in a Toys R Us exclusive set in the blue line series called "Cantina Showdown" here he was packed with Han, with the two of them posed in the box from that iconic scene around a cardboard cantina table.

Alien sculpts have always been done well by Hasbro, and Greedo was one of the first few to showcase how impressive the 6" Black Scale could be. The head is a fantastic replication of the on screen costume from those prominent insectoid eyes to the reptilian texture of the skin. The head also carries those antenna and a ridge of hair / spines.

While the sculpt is deep and full of detail, the paint is quite plain - but it doesnt need to be all singing and dancing as the depth of sculpt creates its own light and shadow on the head. Those eyes are painted to stand out with a gloss, almost metallic, purple finish.

Greedo comes in his Cantina outfit made up of a flight suit, over which he wears a flight vest. The under suit is a very pale green finish with pale yellow panels up the arms and legs. The costume is then washed and weathered with dirt effects throughout the costume.

The vest is cast in an orange rubbery plastic, and this is also weathered with a grey wash that has run into the seems and panels to add weathering. The vest can be removed if you wish, and under this there is a fully painted body.

The gun belt is also an individual piece, and while it is similar to that used on Han Solo from Wave 2, it does have its own variances - most notably the fact it doesn't strap around Greedo's thigh. The belt is also cast in a rubberised plastic, this time brown. The silver buckle and panels are painted on top. These silver pieces demonstrate the only real paint fault on the figure as they bleed heavily up onto the belt.

Greedo has 16 points of articulation. The head sits on a ball joint and can therefore rotate and tilt. Rather than a waist joint, a torso ball joint is built in a centimeter or so above the waist. The positioning of this really allows for some gun slinging poses, and I guess Hasbro were also considering if and how Greedo could sit down in a Cantina diorama.

Talking of sitting, this is no problem for the legs with ball jointed hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle rockers. The arms are a little less maneuverable with ball jointed shoulders and then only a single jointed elbow followed by wrist pivots.

The sole accessory with your Rodian is his DT-12 blaster pistol. This is quite soft in its sculpt/cast with very little detail other than the basic shape. A heavy paint job doesn't help and the whole thing is smothered in silver rather than the more accurate brown grip and brushed silver barrel.

Despite his elongated fingers, Hasbro have managed to sculpt a working gun holding hand for Greedo completed with extremely long trigger finger which slots into place on the DT-12

And when not in use the blaster sits neatly into the holster and stays in place.

Greedo represents all that is good about the Black Series and he works really well in a number of display options - either the Cantina, or indeed adding background aliens to a Jabba's palace display.

He doesn't need much in the way of accessories but a neater pistol would have been preferable.

With that lovely Rodian head sculpt, weathered flight suit and accurate hands with cleverly designed gun hand and articulation I score Greedo a very impressive 4 out of 5 as a single release.

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