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Review : Star Wars Black Series Crosshair, The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch is the next Star Wars animated TV series, heading to Disney+ in May 2021. It features Clone Force 99, The Bad Batch, who originally debuted in the final series of The Clone Wars. As we head to the release of the series, Hasbro has put together three Black Series The Bad Batch figures in the 4th wave of the Black Series Galaxy Collection - the leader of the team, Hunter, a new Elite Trooper, and Crosshair who we are reviewing here.

Crosshair is the Sniper of the team and is #2 in the numbered series for The Bad Batch in The Galaxy collection. His box art directly connects with that on Hunter (#01) and will lead into other Bad Batch figures for a larger montage piece.

The box uses a new deep red colour accent for The Bad Batch, and around the back of the box, we get some initial details about the team and Crosshair.

"The Bad Batch, technically known as Clone Force 99, is the result of Kaminoan experiments to create a specialist unit of clone commandos. Crosshair is the team sniper whose sharp vision gives him superior accuracy and, as a result, an air of superiority"

Like a lot of Troopers in the Black Series, Crosshair utilises a number of body parts already seen on Hunter. However, there are changes to the modified Clone Commando armour including a different chest piece of Crosshair which sits lower on the stomach area and actually gives him a more realistic proportion than Hunter who looked a little too thin. Crosshair also gets a different left shoulder pauldron with that added device that I assume is related to the targetting of his Sniper Rifle.

Crosshair's body is also bulked out by the over shoulder bandoleer, filled with painted silver ammo shells, and this connects to a leather-look belt on which hangs a left-sided holster. Much of the armour is cast in the base grey plastic and there are scratches and gouges sculpted into the base plastic to weather the item - it would look great with an additional wash. Crosshair gets none of the silver painted wear we see on Hunter, but does have the shoulder decals with the skull on the right and the 99 on both.

Crosshair is given the treatment to take him from the animated screen into a real-world setting, and this includes the use of face print tech that really does give a realism to the eyes in particular and allows for the intricate target tattoo over his right eye.

The figure comes with a backpack to finish the uniform, and while this is similar in design to Hunter's, it is deeper with a large slot in the centre. Like the armour, its cast in the base colour with scratches included in the sculpt, The only paint applied is a red line detail on the centre. It connects via a shaped socket and plug and holds in place perfectly well - although its weight as a solid piece does shift the figure's centre of gravity.

For weaponry, Crosshair comes with the same DC-17 hand blaster as was included with Hunter, and as included with previous Clone Commanders like Rex and Wolffe. It is cast in black, with no paint apps and is designed to sit in the right hand of Crosshairs where a trigger finger slots into place.

When not in use the blaster slips into the holster on the left-hand side. This indicates Crosshair would usually drawn and shoot with his left hand for this blaster, and it's a shame that instead of giving us a 2nd trigger finger hand on the left - they've reused Hunters hand. The gun will fit, but the grip is awkward.

Crosshair has a removable helmet, a design similar to the Clone Assassins helmet and that worn by Commander Ayo. It features a sleeker design and a larger mouthpiece. There is also a cut out in the right-hand side of the visor that lines up to the scope of the sniper rifle.

The helmet fits reasonably well onto Crosshairs, but it is a tighter fit than Hunter. There is also some poses where the chin of the head is visible. The helmet features an articulated range finder on the right that can be rotated down over the eye piece.

As a Sniper, Crosshair is armed with one of the largest guns that we have seen so far in The Black Series, the 773 Firepuncher. The gun stands nearly as tall as Crosshair and is cast in black with no paint apps applied. It is designed to fit in the right hand and is somewhat tricky to get slotted into place with the trigger finger engaged due to the shape and style of the grip. Once located the left hand can just about grip and support the barrel, and with a bit of fiddling you can raise it up into a firing positioning with the stock against the right shoulder. This pose and fit is very tight though and takes a bit of patience.

When not in use the gun comes apart into two pieces. This is not made clear on the box or via any instructions and the piece is well-engineered so the split is not immediately obvious. The larger half of the gun then slides into that slot on the backpack. The barrel includes a small round peg that lines up to a hole on the outside of the backpack.

Crosshair has a total of 19 points of articulation and features the top & bottom jointed neck, butterfly shoulders and single rotating joints at the knees and elbows. This, as we have seen is sufficient for sniper poses with the rifle and also for poses with the smaller blaster or even adjusting the helmet range finder.

The legs are a little more restricted, the shape of the thigh armour blocks kneeling and sitting as it has done on many Black Series troopers to date. The ankle rockers are not as secure as I'd like them to be and that can be a pain in posing Crosshair, particularly with the backpack and rifle adjusting his balance.

Having unpacked Hunter and now Crosshair, I am impressed and looking forward to The Bad Batch series kicking off via Disney+. While they re-use several parts between them, the looks of Hunter and Crosshair are different enough and in line with the onscreen design. Crosshair also has less of an issue with the body proportions thanks to the larger chest piece and additional bulk thanks to his bandoleer, belt and holster.

There remains a slight issue with the ankle rockers which need to be sturdier considering the weight of the backpack and weapons. But other than that, a very solid figure from Hasbro. Roll on Tech and Wrecker (and hopefully Echo at some point).

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