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Review : Star Wars Black Series Commander Pyre, Resistance

Commander Pyre is a First Order Stormtrooper Commander working directly for Captain who was one of the main protagonists across the two series of the animated Star Wars Resistance TV series. While he has no direct link to the Disney Parks Galaxy's Edge, Pyre was included in a 2019 Parks exclusive First Order pack along with Kylo Ren, the Mountain Trooper and an MSE droid. In 2020, the Galaxy's Edge line moved to single releases sold via Target stores in the US and the Fan Channel elsewhere. As an existing figure in the line, Commander Pyre was selected for single release in late 2020.

The 2020 Target Galaxy's Edge figures utilise the Phase 4 packaging dimensions and base design and artwork. We have a cut in circular panel to the right of the window that states that the item is has been transported directly from Galaxy's Edge Trading Outpost. The Titus artwork is in place in the bottom right, with a greyscale illustration of Pyre - although the impact is a little lost without any colour and he ends up looking very much like any other Stormtrooper Officer.

The usual red side spine on the right hand side of the box (as we look) has been replaced with a dull sandstone effect with an orange Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Trading Outpost header. At the base of this side section is a First Order symbol.

The back of the box continues to follow the Phase 3 format, with a repeat of the front illustration of Commander Pyre and a short piece of background text. The text makes no reference to his role in Resistance or provides any link - tenuous or otherwise - to why he qualifies as a Galaxy's Edge release.

"A fearsome First Order Stormtrooper officer, Commander Pyre stands out from the legions of identically equipped soldiers with his black-and-gold armor"

The figure opens in the plastic tray which sits in a dark coloured backing card, this further adds to the dull aspect of the packaging and doesn't have the dynamic look of a bold colour accent as used on the new Galaxy Collection or on the Gaming Greats line.


Pyre's appearance in Resistance is very stylised in the almost anime style of the show. Like all animated figures that transition to the Black Series line, he is converted to a real world look in terms of proportions and décor.

Pyre uses the existing First Order Stormtrooper body that has been in circulation since 2015 and as recently used for Captain Cardinal in the same Galaxy's Edge line. The helmet on Cardinal and now Pyre may have been tweaked as it has some variations on the rim of the helmet and down the sides - although it may just be a crisper cast, or that the colours used are bringing out more detail.

The Pauldron is taken from the First Order Officer as first released in the Evolution of the Stormtrooper 4-Pack. This added extra does vary the look for Pyre as does the full gold armour with black under suit., there is even some variation in the black with the upper arm pieces and belt given a dark grey colour. While the armour is not a metallised finish, I do like the overall look it creates without being excessively reflective.

Like a lot of the First Order troopers - who have not had a new body upgrade like the Original Stormtroopers and the Clonetroopers - there are issues around the joints in terms of painting. Pyre is cast as a predominantly black figure with gold added, leaving areas of gold paint bleeding into the black. There is also a lot of faults on the armour - possibly as a result of using such an old cast in the factory - these include on my figure some dinting on both shoulders, uneven seams on the rear of the upper leg armour, and an almighty fault in one side of the same upper leg armour - thankfully disguised as it sits more on the inner thigh,


Pyre comes armed with two First Order blasters. The first is the smaller hold out blaster as released again with the general First Order Troopers since 2015. This is cast in black with no other paint applications. This choice to leave the gun all black is very much contrasting the original Troopers who had white panels painted on the gun, and Cardinal who's hold-out blaster was decorated in red to match his armour.

It fits into the right hand, where a trigger finger slots into place. When not in use it can be stowed by way of a peg on the side of the blaster that fits into a slot on the right thigh armour.

The larger Blaster Rifle is once more a re-used piece from the original First Order Troopers. It as been cast in black with gold paint added in the same tone as the armour with elements left in black for variation such as the grip, across the barrel and on the side of the casing. The cast of the weapon also shows some issues like a deformed scope.

It will fit into either hand, although only the right hand has a trigger finger that slips into the trigger mechanism.

In the show, Pyre is often seen reviewing data on a tablet device, or communicating with Phasma via a hologram emitter. These might have been nice to include in the set.


Pyre has a total of 16 points of articulation, which provides him with a base level of movement, but also some restrictions.

Head : ball joint pivot neck

Body : torso ball joint

Arms : Ball joint shoulder, single joint rotating elbow, wrist pivot

Legs : Ball joint hips, thigh swivel, double joint knees, ankle rocker

The upper torso movement via the ball joint in the midriff is good and supports the arm movement for weapon posing with one or two hands. The arms an be raised without issue, with the upper shoulder armour withdrawing under the chest armour as the arm is raised. We do only have single joint elbows that bend to 90 degrees and that is enough for using the two guns provided, including raised weapon poses with the helmet looking down the scope of the larger blaster.

Leg movement is hindered slightly at the hips by the thigh armour that hits the belt as the leg is raised. Other than this the legs articulate well and the joints tight enough so not to need a stand in most circumstances.

The ankle rockers are a touch on the loose side and may be an issue in the future, the same issue existed on the other First Order Trooper figures.


Commander Pyre is a slightly odd choice for the Black Series line in terms of us having no other Resistance figures - and unlikely to receive any - and in terms of his non-existent links to Galaxy's Edge. The only factor is likely one of being able to fully re-use an existing mould with a new paint job to provide a new figure into a store exclusive line.

What we get is a figure with solid articulation, and that looks the part with the gold paint job - but with flaws around the armour as the figure mould perhaps starts to show its age and significant use since the First Order Troopers debuted in 2015.

As a bit of colour in a First Order display, Pyre does the same job as Cardinal and looks fine alongside a raft of white troopers and other First Order protagonists such as Phasma, Hux and of course Kylo Ren.

Considering his price here in the UK is circa +£5 vs a standard release and with the character itself lacking in fan support compared to say Hondo Ohnaka from the same line, I can see Pyre being a figure that may well warm pegs for some time or end up on a deep discount.

I score the Star Wars Black Series Galaxy's Edge Commander Pyre a total of 3.0

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