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Review : Star Wars Black Series Carbonized First Order Jet Trooper, The Rise of Skywalker

The First Order Jet Trooper from Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker was first released as a Carbonized exclusive - sold at Walmart in the US and Smyths Toys in the UK. The figure was then released in wave 23 in its standard colouring in the standard phase 3 packaging.

Packaging 4/5

Each of the Carbonized exclusives has used a different metallic colour base, with the Jet Trooper choosing a foil white and silver for its packaging. The box itself is very striking, but the details do get a little lost as we have grey text and artwork onto a metallic white box. Aside from the colours, the only physical difference from the standard box is a round insert towards the top of the figure window that confirms this as a Carbonized release.

The side spine is a much darker metallic grey with the figures number, #99, at the top. Round the back this is repeated as is the Titus artwork - all alongside a short piece of background text.

""Specialised Stormtroopers of the First Order, Jet Troopers soar iot battle equipped with agile rocket packs""

As with any foil or metallic box, the Carbonized boxes are prone to damage and scratching. Here in the UK that is going to be worsened by these being on shelf products in Smyths stores and after some time they will get banged up.

Both versions of the Jet Trooper uses the same size of box and the same artwork. The colouring is different and the Carbonized version has the cut in round panel on the window confirming it as part of the Carbonized Collection.

There is a slight different on the rear of the boxes with the artwork on the standard release sitting higher and being cut off more at the bottom with a larger "Attention" segment. Both of my versions were UK releases.

Paint & Sculpt 4/5

The Jet Trooper design borrows a lot of elements from previous First Order troopers, but the figure does not appear to re-use any parts. The helmet is a cross between a Snowtrooper and a Stormtrooper with sleek flared lines and black painted panel lining and visor.

The body is covered predominantly by a large chest piece, complete with some decal work. The jet pack sits on the back of this section with a wide vent area at the top - and here we find our first paint error with some bleeding between the blue and metallic white. A further red decal sits underneath this.

The figure is cast in a white plastic for most of the armour and the pearlescent paint is applied on top. That does make the figure shine in certain light, but also can make it look yellowed in others. The coverage of the paint is good and there are no obvious paint issues as seen on the Sith Trooper.

There is no difference on sculpt for either Jet Trooper, only the finish. The Carbonized version is still cast in white plastic like the standard release, with the pearlescent paint applied on top. The decals remain the same and the only key difference is the jets and vents on the Carbonized Trooper being blue, while they are gun-metal grey on the standard release.

Accessories 2/5

The Jet Trooper comes with a single blaster pistol. It is a new three barrelled affair with sights that do arrive warped. It is cast in grey with the same metallic finish offwhie paint applied in ares.

It fits into the Trooper's right hand, but the fit is not all to secure and the hands are very stiff and difficult to manipulate to have the trigger finger slot in place.

There is a socket on the right thigh and my first thought was that this allowed the Trooper to holster his weapon. It does not! There is no corresponding peg on the weapon. The leg is not the same as the Storm Trooper or Sith Trooper so the inclusion of a non-working holster slot is an odd one. The blaster from the Sith Trooper does slot in the hole, and I wonder if the original plan was for this figure to have a secondary weapon?

Both weapons are identical in sculpt, with the standard version getting extra paint apps with the addition of silver round the barrel and sights which do improve the look.

Both suffer from warped sights, but the standard version less so. Both are tight fitting into the figures hand, and neither fit in the thigh socket.

Articulation 4/5

Our Jet Trooper has 16 points of articulation in total

Head : ball joint neck

Body : torso ball joint

Arms : ball joint shoulders, single joint rotating elbow, wrist pivot

Legs : ball joint hops, thigh swivel, double joint knee, ankle rocker

The upper body mobility is good with a lot of range on the torso joint under the armour. Arms can do most poses and can be raised fully with the shoulder armour withdrawing under the chest as the arms are raised. The elbows give enough for a rudimentary two handed weapon pose, but only at a carry position - no real firing options.

Like a lot of armoured figures the legs are a bit restricted by the thigh armour. You won't get the legs to raise into anything other than a wider action stance.

As a "flying" character the figure does look awesome when placed onto an aftermarket flight stand


The First Order Jet Trooper is a well sculpted and designed figure. The Carbonized version is not necessarily screen accurate but does look OK in its pearlescent white paint - although it can look yellowed in some lighting.

The figure articulates well enough and there is no obvious paint concerns. The accessory is disappointing having arrived warped and it being difficult to both slot into hands and the socket.

You will be paying more for the Exclusive version, at a £24.99 price in Smyths Toys. That of course is a fiver more than usual and for that price you are simply getting a variant box and paint job (other Carbonized have been priced the same as standard version). To that end there is a question over the value for money of the item.

Taking all that into consideration, I score the Carbonized First Order Jet Trooper a 4 out of 5.

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