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Review : Star Wars Black Series Admiral Piett, The Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi

Welcome to our review of Admiral Piett who joins the Star Wars Black Series 6" line as an exclusive to Entertainment Earth and through them as an online exclusive to numerous smaller retailers. The figure was announced on May the 4th 2018 and would go on to be released and dispatched through the summer (UK) of 2018.


Packaging (4/5)

Admiral Piett arrives in the 3rd phase Red & Black packaging. As an exclusive there is no numbering for the figure. The character name is specifically listed as Admiral Piett, putting him after his promotion in The Empire Strikes Back after the demise of Admiral Ozzel at the hands of Darth Vader.

"am ambitious Imperial Officer, Piett rose through the ranks to captain and was assigned to the Super Star Destroyer Executor, Darth Vader's flagship. When Vadar strangled Admiral Ozzel, Piett was granted a battlefield promotion to admiral - and given a grisly warning of the penalty for failure"


Sculpt & Paint (3/5)

The Piett release utilises the face print technology and gives a decent likeness to actor Kenneth Colley. There is a waxy finish to Piett's skin which does detract from the likeness.

The Uniform is a direct re-use of the Tarkin body, which in itself is a repaint of the Grand Admiral Thrawn release. The Imperial insignia is painted to reflect Piett's rank.

While it is more of an accessory, Piett is packed with his peaked Imperial Cap which fits really well onto the head. As Piett is seen wearing this through most of the movies it seems to accentuate the sculpt and give the figure a more screen accurate look

The figure sadly has some significant paint flaws with finger marks across the uniform and smudges of skin tone paint on the collar.


Articulation (4/5)

Piett comes with the standard 16 points of articulation. On the main body we have a neck pivot and ball joint and a ball joint in the waist. Arms are ball jointed shoulders, single jointed rotating elbows and pivot wrists. The legs are ball jointed hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle rockers.

For a character like Piett, the articulation is sufficient and most stiff Imperial Officer poses are achievable.


Accessories (2/5)

Piett is armed with a single blaster pistol, the same included with General Veers. It is a reasonably complex cast with clear sights added on top of the barrel and trigger. There are no paint apps, the gun is cast in black plastic only.

WHile the right hand is cast with a trigger finger, I don;t think it was designed for this weapon as Piett fails to hold the blaster at all well. In fact the left hand, without the trigger finger, is the best grip out of the two.

For a character that doesn't wield a weapon then a pack in like an MSE droid might have been a better option.



For Original Trilogy fans, it is brilliant to be getting all these Imperial Officers to expand the Imperial forces - which for now has been limited to Stormtrooper variants. I also have no real issue with the re-use of the Imperial body providing the head, hands and accessories are tweaked to match whichever character is being released.

Piett feels a touch of a let down after Tarkin and his Interrogation Droid and Veers with his Assault Armour. Thankfully unlike other recent exclusives, Piett feels well priced with most UK retailers having him for between £22 and £25.

I score Admiral Piett a 3 out of 5 with the score marked down for those paint errors and the lacklustre accessory.



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