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Review : Rey (Starkiller Base), Budget Hero Figures, 6" UK Aldi Exclusive

Review : Rey, Starkiller Base (The Force Awakens)

Star Wars 6-Inch Hero Series

Wave/Series : Aldi Exclusive (UK)

Released : December 2016

Price : £6.99

Hasbro's 6 inch hero series is a scaled down version of their larger 12" figures. The aim of the figures appears to be to get a Star Wars presence into the discount stores of the US, UK and beyond. In 2015 the first 5 figures were sold in the UK exclusive to Aldi, you can read our overview HERE.

In 2016, Aldi have repeated the offer - bringing in stocks of the first five releases, and then five new releases we have not seen before in the UK.

Each figure is packed in an economically sized box. This follows the design of the standard Star Wars line from Hasbro. Rey (and Maul) vary from all the other releases to date on the box art as they are now packed in Rogue One themed packaging, a black background with blue flashes fading in at either side. The front is dominated by the window, through which the figure is visible on a Black Series style red insert card. A white Star Wars logo is planted underneath the window, while the character name sits very bottom left along with the recommended 4+ age. The Disney and Hasbro logo's sit side by side bottom right.

While the right hand spine of the box carries the logo and then a bunch of legal small print, the left is a glorious artwork of the figure - reminiscent of how Diamond present their Select figures, albeit on a smaller scale. Anyone wanting to keep these in the box will be torn between displaying the front and the figure, or these wonderful art panels.

Round the back is another Star Wars logo, and under this sits the name of the film from which the figure is based. There is then a brief couple of lines of red text about the character, this is repeated in several other languages. The rest of the rear is taken up with safety notifications in various languages.

Once opened, via either the top or bottom flap, an inner tray slides out into which the figure is tied. This inner tray is three sided, not fully enclosed like the Black Series. It also carries some background detail rather than being a solid red, although it isn't clear what this is intended to be. Being a Rogue One product, the figure includes an extra blue leaflet that carries detail of the current Hasbro video app. There is also a QR code which I assume will add in extra content.

Rey arrives with her light-saber slotted to the side of her in the package, a big change from previous Jedi/Sith figures who have been sculpted with the light-saber hilt in their hand. She stands 5 3/4" high, and is a perfect scale in and among the Black Series - matching her Black Series equivalent in height and frame. Sculpt wise, she is one of the best and puts the Black Series to the test - and in fact probably shades it on a slightly better paint job.

Unlike other figure in this series, the skin tone is not overly glossy and there is a precision over the painting of the eyes and lips. The hair, which was the source of lots of paint bleed in the Black Series, is sculpted and painted well - even capturing the way Rey wears her hair in that complex pony tail. The strong sculpt continues into her Jakku Desert outfit with deep profile folds in the robes down the arms and into the skirt. This is all painted one base cream colour, but thanks to the definition in the sculpt it looks like more. The belt and saddle bag are sculpted and then painted in a matt brown. The same brown is used on her ankle boots.

Articulation is 4 points only. She has the ball jointed head we saw on Han Solo, and this moves her head easily to either side - with the hair that hangs loose either side of her face in a soft enough plastic to bend as the head turns. The arms are a simple rotating shoulder and the final joint is the waist which again just swivels.

The light-saber is a good sculpt of the original Anakin/Luke saber that Rey inherits. It's the first saber in this line to be fully separate to the figure, and at first I wasn't sure if it was a recast of the Black Series saber. It isn't, but does hold plenty of detail - just no paint applications having been cast in a flat grey. The blade is a darker blue than I would have liked, but is translucent so does shine in direct light. It can be removed from the hilt by puling it out of the plug in the hilt.

For a £7 figure, Rey is particularly impressive. Sculpt wise she holds her own with the Black Series version. I would love to see her professionally painted - the paint used is obviously reflective of the price, but with a few extra shades she would look stunning. Articulation is the weak point obviously, but if you need a decent looking Rey in a neutral pose then this won't look out of place alongside other 6" figures. I score Rey a strong 4 out of 5.

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