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Review : Rey, Jedi Training (The Last Jedi), Black Series, Wave 12 (Hasbro)

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Review : Rey, Jedi Training (The Last Jedi) Star Wars Black Series (Hasbro) Wave/Series : Wave 12 (Phase 3)* Released : Sept 2017


*Rey was repacked in Wave 14, and in this re-release the scar on her arm was now painted in a red "bloody" colour

Pros : Arm and upper body articulation, plentiful accessories Cons : There is some variation in skin paint tone. The lower leg articulation is blocked in by the skirt section

Wave 12, released on Force Friday II, was a combination of figures from across the Star Wars saga as well as three figures from The Last Jedi. Rey, Kylo Ren and Luke presented nothing we hadn't seen in the teaser trailer and promotional images and were great choices to launch The Last Jedi 6" figures ahead of the movies release.

In this review we will take a look at #44, Rey (Jedi Training).

Wave 12, as we know debuted a new brighter Star Wars Black Series logo atop the box and was also inclusive of the larger frame at the base of the window that we saw introduced in the previous wave. The front illustration features an all new portrait of Daisy Ridley as Rey with her hair down in the usual grayscale artwork.

The character name is very specific in that is Rey - Jedi Training. This is not necessarily a spoiler from the film as we would assume this is the next natural step for Rey after the events of The Force Awakens and her final scene in that movie where she finally met Luke Skywalker.

Rey is number 44 in the line, and as usual this is stamped in bold glossy black on the top of the gloss red side spine. The other side spine carries the character name again in red text and beneath this in blown up text is a zoomed view of the character name again this time in grey.

On the back of the box we get a larger version of the Rey portrait and to the side of this is the short character bio text which talks about how Rey has now found Luke Skywalker and how she must "unlearn what she has learned as Skywalker challenges her expectations". This is, as usual, repeated in three other languages.

The box opens at the top or bottom of the box and Rey slides out in her inner tray in its bright red backing card. The figure is surrounded by her three (yes that's right THREE) accessories.

The head sculpt on Rey is a huge improvement on the 2015 version. It is a great likeness for Daisy Ridley. The flesh tone is nicely toned, but it is a single tone skin tone with no additional shading or tones. The hair is a new design with her hair now swept back and tied loose at the back. Like the skin tone this is a single tone of brown.

The eyes are neat and more realistic than some of the human eyes we've seen to date. There is a way to go until the Black Series reaches the level that NECA for example are reaching with their human head paint jobs.

For some reason the flesh tone on her head does not match the one on her chest which holds a brighter pink colouring - yet the head colour does match her arms? And talking of arms, you can see a sculpted scar on the top of her right arm. This is no painted, and I assume we may find this is more prevalent on the exclusive version of this figure with the Crait base (Toys R Us Exclusive).

The costume is essentially the one from The Force Awakens but now in a grey tone. We start with a dark undershirt which is patterned with a diagonal design. This extends down into an skirt section. Over this there is a grey sash that crosses over her chest and is tucked through her belt. One side loops round and comes back up while the other side hangs loose. Her trousers are a plain grey and the boots are a deep brown tone.

The arms remain wrapped in bandage type material with a wrist bracer on her left wrist. While the belt looks similar to the one from The Force Awakens, it no longer carries a bag - but instead there is a holster for her blaster.All the costume is painted nicely, but it is all a single tone with no wash or dry brushing.

Edit : There is a scar on her right arm above the bandaged section. This is unpainted and flesh coloured on the wave 12 release we have here. It was later tweaked (Wave 14) when this figure was repacked to be painted in a blood colour

While the costume is very similar, there is no re-use and instead everything on the new version is brand new. When you compare the two versions side by side you can see how the older figure is a touch smaller - it seems with the new Rey figures (here and with her speeder) have fixed a height concern. The older Rey is also a little bulkier and on reflection this isn't accurate of Daisy Ridley's sight frame. The new figure is much more accurate.

Articulation for the upper part of the figure is brilliant, helped along by the slim arms and no bulky armour or robes to hold it back. The head is a ball joint with a pivot and even with the hair piece, Rey can look down so much that her chin will touch her chest. Rotation of the head to either side is a little blocked by the hair, but there is still a good range of movement.

The arms are ball jointed and will raise up and out to the side. The elbows are a single joint but bend well beyond 90 degrees and they also rotate. This works really well with lightsaber poses which we will see in a moment.

The lower half of Rey is a bit more restricted by the costume. While there is a waist joint with a degree of "ball joint" movement, it doesn't lean too far forward or back.

The legs are a ball jointed hip with thigh swivel and double jointed knees. While this is awesome in terms of ability to move, it is all moot as the rubberised costume stops anything worthwhile. You will be left posing Rey in some wider stances and not much more. Ankle joints have always been hit and miss on The Black Series, so it is nice to feel a good tight ratchet on Rey's ankles - and there are no issues in getting her to stand

Accessory number one is Rey's lightsaber. This is essentially Luke's / Anakin's saber but this is not a simple re-use of any saber accessories that came with these figures previously. This one is reduced in size and designed to fit Rey's daintier hands - even if this doesn't make sense in real terms.

The saber fits neatly into either hand, and with those elbow joints a two handed saber pose is easily achieved.

The blade, which is removable, also appears new. It is a darker blue than any others - even if the saber we see in the trailer is much lighter and almost white.

Accessory number two is the blaster than Han gives to Rey on Takodana in The Force Awakens. This is cast in a silver plastic and has a painted black grip. This is best placed in Rey's right hand, where the flexible trigger finger slots into the trigger on the gun.

And when the blaster is not in use, Rey can store it away in the working holster on her belt. The arms even allow her to get into a gun slinging pose if you really want her to.

Accessory three is the same staff that we got in the 2015 release and again in the recent Speeder box set. There is nothing wrong with this as a sculpt and it is nicely painted with bandaged hand wraps. The issue with this has always been the strap which is not really flexible, this means the staff doesn't quite sling over Rey's shoulders naturally. It also means that depending how you pose the staff the strap can appear to be defying gravity.

Once again the arm articulation will allow some nice action poses with the staff, even with the dodgy strap.

Rey is an awesome figure and so much of an improvement over the 2015 version. The likeness and build of Rey is brilliant and she comes with a wealth of accessories, something of a rarity these days for the Black Series. It is worth noting again the slight variance in the skin tone, but this is only really visible up close or in strong light. The leg articulation isn't really an issue and the staff is workable.

I scored the original Rey (updated 2016 paint job) a 4 out of 5. and this figure certainly raises the bar vs that figure. But we do have to recognise the increase in RRP by nearly £5 since the 2015/6 releases. It is fair to therefore say the figure has improved within the curve of the new pricing, and for me that means Rey still gets a 4 out of 5 rating.

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