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Review : Marvel Select Wolverine - XMen Origins, Wolverine (Diamond Select)

In 2009 Diamond Select Toys took their Select range of 7" Marvel figures and applied the format to the first Movie figure, that of Wolverine from the 2009 movie X-Men Origins : Wolverine The figure that "started it all" is now highly sought after, and I was lucky to pick this up recently from Evilbay at a sensible price and meant I had now effectively completed my Select Movie collection (variants aside) until the 2016 figures arrive. Wolverine comes in the standard Select packaging and would still fit with any Mint on Card collection nowadays despite being 6 years old. The big variance of the packaging that you would notice is the lack of a graphic on the left panel, instead this is a black panel with the X-Men Origins text. Once out of the box the first thing that will strike any Select collector is Wolverine's size... he is far too small. At 6.5" high Logan is almost Legends scale rather than the now established Select sizing. He is dwarfed by his 2013 do-over and by all the other Select Movie figures, including Widow and Hawkeye. Putting the size of Logan aside, the figure is a half likeness to Wolverine, but more a cartoon representation than looking anything like Hugh Jackman. The face is sculpted in what I assume should be a snarl, but ends up looking a little bit like a forced smile at a Wedding. The paint applied to the face and hair is a tad too shiny and there is no wash or dry-brushing to add depth. Down to the torso and the chest and arms are sculpted with some nice muscle definition. The chest has a sculpted white vest which is painted, like the head, in a shiny finish and has no definition or weathering. The chest skin tone is also very glossy and a different shade to the arms. The one redeeming feature of the top half are the bone claws which are nicely done. The bottom half is a set of jeans which do appear to have had a bit of paint work on them to look weathered. The flared bottoms of the jeans are a nice nod to the era the movie is set, and under them are the cowboy boots that Logan wears in the film. Articulation isn't too bad on the figure with a ball jointed head that turns a full 360 degree. Arms are fully articulated on a ball jointed shoulder, elbow joint and wrist swivel. These mean you can get the arms into a variety of menacing poses. There is no torso joint that fans nowadays would expect, but the waist does swivel. The legs are ball jointed at the hips and can get out to a spread position, but not into the splits. The knees bend, with the joint pretty nicely hidden, and the ankles rotate to allow you to stand Logan with a good degree of stability. The scenic base and dumpster are pretty nice and add a bit of theatre to the Wolverine display. It is nice to see a peg in the base that allows you to drop Wolverine on it and then the peg holding him secure enough so you can pose him on one leg in an action pose - something we have lost in the more modern figures. Overally you have to respect that this figure launched a line that is still going after 6 years and that is well respected in the market and well collected with a good core of fans. It is a shame that despite having a good 7 years experience with comic figures that Diamond got the size so wrong on this, and I believe it is that Comic experience that probably drove the paint choices and the glossier finishes. In a way Wolverine Origins is a transitional figure and has hallmarks of the Comic figure heritige whilst being a movie representation. Thank fully Diamond did improve very quickly and within 12months had put out the excellent Iron Man 2 figures and would go on to give us such brilliant figures as Captain America and Thor. Thank fully for Logan fans, we got a much improved Wolverine in 2013 and if you want a Wolverine in your collection, then pay the extra to get that one. Wether we will see anymore Wolverine figures, or indeed anything ever again from the Fox licence, is unknown, and a little sad. Origins Wolverine walks away with a 1 out of 5, not even nostalgia can cause me to give it anything higher. Sorry Logan.