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Review : Marvel Select, Jane Foster - Thor 2, the Dark World (Diamond Select)

Jane Foster (Thor : The Dark World)

I was determined not to go "completist" on Diamond Select's 7" Marvel Movie Figures, my focus was on putting together The Avengers. One figure I originally had no intention of picking up was Jane Foster from Thor, the Dark World. But as collectors will know a number of things can transpire to bring new figures and items into your collection. With Jane Foster it was a combination of price (£12.30 delivered from Amazon.com), a slow month for new figures (that dreaded itch to buy "something") and the announcement of a new Thor figure for Age of Ultron, even if it was a repaint.

I decided at £12 that Jane would now become useful to sit with my Dark World Thor as a standalone display and the new AoU Thor would take his place in the Avengers set up... how weird our collectors minds work.

Upon arrival Jane had obviously either taken a battering in transit, or was from some pretty beat up stock back at Amazon. As I am a loose collector this didnt really impact anything, but would have frustrated any MOC collectors. Jane comes in the usual oversized Select packaging with wonderful art across one side and the back

She comes with two head options, one normal, one possessed. And comes packed in with half a base/display piece which joins up a piece packed in with Dark World Thor - more on that later. Sculpt is a pretty good likeness to Natalie Portman and the sculpting on the robe looks nice and natural. Paint applications were strong.

Articulation however is where the figure lost a few points. First issue is her feet which are sculpted in heels and with no feet hole. She does have ankle joints, but finding that balance point to keep her stood up is tricky and I think she will need some 3rd party aid to keep her stood in my display. The other issue is a rather ugly left elbow joint where the bronze paint on the bracer has carried on into the joint - appreciated this could be a one off with my figure. Because of the dress her legs have limited movement, and the arms are also restricted heavily by clothing and the shoulder plate on right side. The heads however do swap over nicely and gives a couple of options to display Jane as "normal" or "possessed".

Over to the base, and this is where I struggle. It is a lovely piece. It is well sculpted, well painted and has a fair bit of weight to it. It clicks easily into the Thor version. But it is not a base! There is no way you could stand Jane or Thor onto this, it is more of a scenery piece that would stand beside them.

Considering everything, Jane is a 2/5 figure. I applaud Diamond for using one of their slots for the Dark World to produce Jane over say re-releasing Loki, or doing Malkieth. It is also nice to see a female character in the Select Movie range. Sadly she suffers from not standing very well and limited articulation which has been sacrificed over the sculpting of the dress and accessories. The head swap is a nice touch. The "scenery" piece would have been better as a true base to help keep Jane upright.