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Review : Marvel Select Iron Man Mark 42 - Iron Man 3 (Diamond Select)

The Mark 42 suit was released by Diamond in 2013 and was the first DST Movie Figure I purchased - so this is the figure that started that arm of my collection and hence it has a place close to my heart. Despite this emotional attachment I will aim to be objective in this review. Out of the box the figure stands 7 1/2" high, a tad taller than the Mk6. He comes supplied with an alternative unmasked head, alternative hands (one set open palm, one set fist clenched) and the Stark Hall of Armour alcove. Sculpting on this suit is top notch, there is just detail after detail built into the panels. The standard head is much meaner looking than the Mk6 and the unmasked version has a cleaner sculpt for Tony. Although this could be paint applications, I would expect they at least tweaked a 3 year old sculpt on this release. Paint is where this armour fails. Unlike the Mk6 (official and knock off) which is shiny and pretty, the Mk42 is just a little dull. The paint is metallic, just not bright enough and that becomes more evident if you stand the Mk42 next to a Mk6. The other element that I don't like is the joints which are a painted a pretty flat part-metallic grey and to me almost look like they have been "missed" when the factory painted the model - the hip joints being the most prominent

Articulation is vastly improved on the Mk6, well done DST. The head has a wider range of movement as do the legs which are now clear of any armour that used to foul the movement at the hips. But this clearing of the hip joints and the grey paint as mentioned above does make the hips joints stand out onb this model as a bit "odd". The knee joints on the other hand are brilliantly done with a covering panel that hides the joint really well. Ankles remain jointed but are also on a swivel - no rocker movement. Back up to the arms and they are done in the same way as the Mk6 although this time the shoulder panels are much more securely attached and move a lot cleaner. The head and hands are a bit stiff to swap around too much, but not impossible - I recommend a bit of heat from a hair dryer or some boiling water before changing parts, just to be on the safe side. The base piece that comes with the Mk42, and with the War Machine / Iron Patriot released at the same time, is one of the first scenery pieces that I really like in this range, pick up a couple and you can start to build a hall of armours - in face I just wish that DST would have done some more of the IM armours over previous years. Perhaps we will get a surprise Mk43 for Age of Ultron as a Disney Exclusive or a new figure next year for Civil War. Mk42 improves on a number of areas vs the Mk6, but whilst taking 3 steps forward it also takes a couple of steps back with the paint application. Mk42 scores a high 3 but doesn't deliver quite enough to get to a 4 out of 5 or beyond.