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Review : Marvel Legends Proxima Midnight, Avengers Infinity War

Pros : Tall and imposing figure with a lot more detail to her costume and armour than first thought

Cons : the hips are a touch loose, impacting her stance. The spear comes a little warped due to softer plastic used

Wave 1 of the Avengers Infinity War figures includes the first of the Black Order in the shape of Proxima Midnight. The packaging on these new figures uses a purple and yellow theme against the usual black of the Marvel Legends boxes. The side art, presented in a purple hue, is particularly impressive.

The card back shows an image of the figure against a purple misty backdrop. There is a the briefest of background text which won't spoil anything and simply confirms Proxima Midnight as a lieutenant in the Black Order.

Proxima Midnight comes with the torso of Thanos, who is the build-a-figure for this line. The figure and the part are in a standard inner tray with no twisty ties. Proxima's spear is laid diagonally across the package.

Out of the packaging and looking at the sculpt, and Proxima is a magnificent head sculpt. She does look a little masculine, but that seems to mirror what we see on screen. The head piece has some red detailing on the cranial sections, and under these are some very well painted dark eyes with red pupils staring out. Her hair is swept back from the forehead and is coloured purple.

The costume is not as plain as it may look at first as there is a swirling relief pattern across the whole suit with varying panels of metallic grey and metallic white. Her left arm is armoured, with bronze shoulder guard down into gauntlets. The same principle applies to her right leg with golden straps around the thigh down to a bronze boot.

Proxima is a very tall figure, standing 7 1/2 inches high and she therefore cuts an impressive figure against the normal human sized characters. She will look brilliant once you build your Thanos and have them side by side, and this will be further enhanced as we get Cull Obsidian later this year,

While she is tall, the body shape is very lithe and therefore articulation is awesome. Proxima has 18 points of articulation starting as usual with a ball jointed head - although this is restricted somewhat by the hair.

The torso has a ball joint not a T-joint and there is no waist joint. The arms have a ball jointed shoulder, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows and wrist joint - the shoulder on the left arm is a little less manoeuvrable than the right due to the shoulder armour. The legs are a similar setup, with ball jointed hip, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle rockers.

Proxima stands pretty well, but her hips are a little loose so there is an issue with her sliding into the splits.

Proxima is armed with her spear. This is another hefty sized piece, being the same size as the figure - 7 and 1/2 inches long. This is cast in a softer plastic and while the majority of the sculpt is neat, the end blades can be warped out of the pack. There is no paint app, just the simple bronze plastic in which this was cast.

The spear fits in the right hand and can then be cradled with the left should a two handed pose be warranted.

Proxima Midnight is a pretty awesome release and has very few flaws assuming you protect those leg joints and keep her standing - a couple of foot stands seem to have fixed the issue for me. The painting on the spear could be better and a harder plastic would prevent warping.

That aside I am happy to score Proxima Midnight a very impressive 4 out of 5.


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