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Review : Marvel Legends, Power and Glory Captain America, Avengers Endgame

Following his iconic moment in the final battle scenes in Endgame, Hasbro released what they term the "Power and Glory" Captain America Marvel Legend figure as a Walmart US Exclusive. The figure included the updated Cap fish-scale armour as well as his Shield and of course Mjolnir.

Packaging 5/5

Cap arrives in packaging that matches the Marvel Legend general releases for Endgame. The logo is simply the dark blue Avengers logo with no mention of Endgame, and the blue theme continues with the character name plate and the figure backing colour. The character is simply names as Captain America with no mention on the packaging of the Power & Glory sub title that is attached to this release.

The side images are of an unmasked Cap and not necessarily the masked battle worn Cap that this figure represents. In fact the whole release is geared up to not give anything away from Endgame. This includes the fact Mjolnir is hidden behind the Shield - a good move by Hasbro had images of this figure leaked prior to people seeing the movie.

Round the back is another image of an unmasked Cap with his shield overlaid to one side with a very short piece of text.

"Steve Rogers prepares for the ultimate battle to save the universe and channels all of his strength as Captain America!

Paint & Sculpt 5/5

On first look you'd be forgiven to think this is the same Cap as released for Infinity War or Civil War. In fact nearly all of the figure is brand new, only the legs beneath the thigh swivel are re-used from Infinity War Cap, with a repaint.

The fish scales are nice across the chest and shoulder and the waist area is better proportioned than other Cap's to give him better overall proportions.

The head sculpts are amazing, both new, but do watch out for a misalignment of the helmet over Cap's eyes - thank fully mine was OK. The unmasked head is a brilliant likeness and again is new and not a repack of the 10th Anniversary Cap. Both heads use face print technology.

Paint is good throughout, but there is some glitches around the white and red of the midriff. You could argue that Cap should have been much dirtier and Hasbro have chosen not to go with this look on the figure - although weirdly they have for the Shield.

Accessories 4/5

Cap comes with both his Shield and Mjolnir. Mjolnir is a repack from previous Thor figures. It is sadly cast with a defect - most likely in the mould - and that is present on all of them. It is a shame, but you can hid this via posing. Like the Thor releases the Hammer has a fixed loop grip that has to be posed correctly to ensure it looks realistic. The Hammer is designed to fit in Cap's right hand.

The Shield is also a re-use from prior Cap figures. Like these previous figures it is a little bit too big. Unlike the figure, which is left clean, the Shield has been weathered and dirtied over the Red, Blue and Silver. This is good - but of course in reality this should have actually been a broken Shield - or at least Hasbro should have thrown a broken version into the box.

The Shield is designed to fit on either arm, but the loops on the back are too tight to get it over the hands - the trick is to pop off the hands first and then slide the Shield over and then replace the hand.

Articulation 5/5

Cap weighs in with a staggering 21 points of articulation making him supremely agile and pose-able.

Head : ball joint pivot neck

Body : torso T-Joint, Waist Swivel

Arms : ball joint shoulder, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, pivot wrist

Legs : ball joint hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, boot cut swivel, ankle rocker

All the joints are tight and the figure stands well in a number of poses. You may have to free up the ankle joints with a bit of hot water. Cap also looks awesome dropped onto a flight/action stand.

The only slight watch out on articulation are the two shoulder panels which are a flexible rubber. Rather than retract into the torso when the arms are raised, these seem to squash and then buckle and over time this is probably an area to watch for deterioration.


The Power & Glory Captain America is arguably the most desireablle figure of 2019 and has sold out at numerous UK retailers in record quick time. When you have the figure in hand this is no surprose as it excels in most areas with a great sculpt, likeness to Chris Evans, articulation and overall look.

It is only slightly let down by the accessories with Mjolnir carrying a factory defect, and the Shield still being a tad too big and is whole and not broken as we see on screen.

Power & Glory Cap is an awesome figure and a must have for any MCU collection, and what a great way to celebrate Chris Evan's final appearance as Cap

I score the Power & Glory Captain America a 5 out of 5.

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