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Review : Marvel Legends Loki (Thor Ragnarok)

Pros : Loki's helmet is well done, albeit a little squashy

Cons : The cloak doesn't connect properly. The colouring is a little off in the costume. The face is "off" and too glossy. No accessories

Loki is the 3rd MCU figure from the Thor Ragnarok line, the others being Hela and Thor himself in Gladiatorial armour. The BAF for the wave is a Ragnarok Hulk and Loki is packed with one of Hulk's legs.

The same Loki figure was re-released in a "Best of MCU" wave for the UK. This was a mix of Ragnarok and Guardians 2 figures with the BAF being the Ragnarok Hulk. The only difference in this wave for Loki is the BAF piece which would change to one of Hulk's arms.

As you open Loki you will find the cloak is tucked through the inner tray and is then within a second tray, be careful removing this as pulling it our roughly may result in paint scratches.

Loki uses the Face Printing technique, but for some reason it has not quite worked to give a good likeness to Tom Hiddleston. While Loki is recognisable, the features are a bit shiny and blurred and the eyebrows are an odd colour. Close up images like the ones above do make this look worse, and at a distance the figure is much more visually pleasing.

The body sculpt is a faithful representation of the Ragnarok outfit. The colouring however is a bit single tone and is a shade too bright in all areas vs what we see on screen. The skirt area below the angular gold belt is actually a separate piece and this has a habit of riding up too high and making Loki look a bit stubby

Loki's articulation counts in at 19 points of articulation. He gets the ball jointed head, T-joint torso and a rotating waist under that floating skirt section. The head does not do much as its locked in by the hair, and the hair and the joint do seem to push the head too far forward as though Loki is always looking to the floor in shame?

Arms have a ball joint shoulder with bicep swivel. Elbows are double jointed and wrists pivoted. The legs are also ball jointed at the hips followed by a thigh swivel. Knees are double jointed and the ankles on nice firm rockers. Loki is not an issue to stand on display

All of this makes Loki incredibly mobile, particularly when the cloak is not in place. This includes a variety of arm positions as well as being able to sit and kneel - the moveable skirt coming into its own here as it slides up as the hips are adjusted.

Loki comes with his two tone cloak which is cast in a softer plastic and is painted a golden yellow inside and a deep green on the outside. We also have two nice shoulder panels as part of the cloak and these are metallic green with gunmetal grey panels.

The cloak has two pegs fitted under each of these shoulder panels, and the intention is that these should slot into corresponding holes on the figures shoulders. Sadly they do not line up, in fact they are not even close. While this is a poor design, in the grand scheme it doesn't matter too much as the cloak will happily sit on the shoulders and hold itself in place.

Loki also comes with his horned head piece. This is a soft plastic and cast in a gold tone. Being soft, these do tend to arrive warped out of the packet, but can be reshaped as they are put onto the head.

The headpiece does work extremely well and fit snugly over Loki's head and the two side pieces frame the head nicely. In fact, the head starts to take on more of a look of Hiddleston with the headpiece in place.

Loki, like most Asgardian Legends, stands a touch taller than other humans coming in at 6 1/2 inches high, 7 inches with the head piece. He scales well with Hela and Thor - but is not quite big enough for use with the larger 7" Marvel Select line by Diamond.

My biggest issue with Loki is what is not included. In the movie we seem him wielding the two daggers, and these wouldn't have been too hard to throw in as accessories. While I appreciate Loki is not so much a hands-on fighter, that scene was pretty cool and it would have been nice to replicate.

Loki is a solid figure, but fails to impress like he should. The face is not quite right, especially when you consider what they did with Thor and Hela. The colouring of the outfit is a shade to bright. And while the articulation is impressive, it does seem to force Loki into a hunched pose. Of course we then have the cloak that does not work as designed and the lack of any weapons and we end up at a score of 3 out of 5.

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