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Review : Marvel Legends Loki, Avengers Infinity War

When Hasbro announced the final two members of the Black Order - Ebony Maw and Corvus Glaive - we assumed they would get general release. While this was true for Maw, Corvus Glaive was packed into a 2-pack exclusive along with a repainted Loki and made exclusive to Walmart in the US. Distribution was patchy in the US and around the World the stock was very limited.

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Packaging 4/5

The set uses the standard Marvel Legends packaging for 2-packs with scooped sides. It uses the yellow tones of the Infinity War sets and a purple hue for the character name and the artwork on either side. Loki is displayed on the left with Corvus on the right.

Round the back of the box we have images of both characters, and down the centre is a short piece of background text

"Known for his shifting allegiances, Loki faces evil head on when he confronts the Black Order - a sinister group of Thanos' cohorts that includes the menacing Corvus Glaive"

Paint & Sculpt 2/5

Loki is the exact same figure as was released in the Ragnarok wave. The head is a good likeness to Tom Hiddlestone and uses the face print technology to capture the eyes, skin tone and lips more naturally than hand painting in the factory.

The outfit is recoloured with a darker finish of green across the main body with lighter green armour panels on the shoulder and gold trim around the neck, arms and boots.

As it uses the original sculpt the figure is a bit out of proportion, and this is more evident without the cloak. The torso looks short, the legs long and the feet too big.

The cloak is included and is a cast rubbery plastic piece that is meant to slot into the figure by means of pegs on the inside of the cloak shoulders which should correspond to holes on the figures shoulders. The fit is very poor and it is almost impossible to line up and therefore the cloak simply falls off at the slightest touch - a very poor design/execution.

Accessories 3/5

Loki does not include the horned head piece he has in the Ragnarok set - and this is fine as he doesn't wear it during his scenes in Infinity War. What we do get is a Tesseract, the same one that would go on to be packed with the SDCC Red Skull.

The piece is shaped as a cube, as it should be, and is cast in a translucent blue. It looks great, but unfortunately there is no corresponding hand with Loki to hold the Tesseract correctly. While you can "prop" it on Loki's right hand - it looks odd and isn't overly stable. It would have been great to include the shaped hand that did come with the SDCC Red Skull to hold the Tesseract correctly - a missed opportunity.

Articulation 4/5

Loki has 19 points of articulation and these do allow for a wide range of movement, and quite importantly for Loki some of the characters gestures and poses.

Head : ball joint neck and pivot

Body : T-Joint ratchet torso, swivel waist

Arms : ball joint shoulder, bicep swivel, double joint elbow, wrist pivot

Legs : ball joint hips, thigh swivel, double joint knee, ankle rockers

The cloak will restrict some movement - or more likely drop off as you pose the arms - but with the double jointed elbows and knees there is a good level of movement for Loki. Loki does stand OK, but the ankle rockers are ratcheted so it takes a bit of tweaking to get the feet flat to the floor.

Loki poses well with Corvus Glaive and with some teasing he can be posed as handing over the Tesseract.

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Loki looks the part and it is good to get his darker outfit from Infinity War. Re-use of the Ragnarok figure is fine, but that figure had flaws that do translate to this one and in the case of the cloak seem to have worsened.

The inclusion of the Tesseract is a nice touch, but an added hand to hold it securely would have been nice.

While Loki is not a bad figure, he is certainly playing a filler role in this 2-pack. I score him an average 3 out of 5.

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