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Review : Marvel Legends Korg, Thor : Ragnarok

Korg as seen in Thor Ragnarok, was released in 2019 in a two pack box set alongside The Grandmaster. The set was part of the 80th Anniversary of Marvel release schedule, and sat alongside other MCU box sets and comic book based releases.

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Packaging 4/5

The packaging for the set continues to use the simple window box design from the 2018 First Ten Years" MCU sets, rather than the scalloped side boxes used in the main Marvel Legends line for both single and multi packs.

The window displays both figures, with a red border running round it. The border expands under each figure to give the character name, and the movie logo for Ragnarok sits between the two at the bottom of the window. The Legends logo sits on the top rail. Interestingly there is no reference to the 80th Anniversary on the packaging.

Like the standard releases, the side panels contain images of each character - Grandmaster on the left and Korg on the right. On the back of the box we have a head shot of each character either side of an image of the Thor Ragnarok movie poster. Under each portrait is a slightly longer than usual bio for the character

"A Kronan warrior on the planet Sakaar, Korg is forced to compete in the Contest of Champions. When he meets fellow warrior Thor, he allies with the Asgardian to escape Sakaar and defeat Hela"

Once the pack is opened via either of the side panels, the figures slide out in the usual inner plastic tray with the cardboard backdrop behind them. The backdrop is not as intricate as the faded storyboard used with the First Ten Years releases, but is more colourful and vibrant with the exploding red design.

Paint & Sculpt 3/5

The sculpt for Korg is a good representation of what we see on screen in Thor Ragnarok, but there are some issues. The head for example looks a bit too thin and the brow ridge not as pronounced. The eyes and mouth are black and quite expressionless.

The rock body is very well done but has been left in the base blue colour plastic when it is crying out for a dark wash to bring out the full detail. Over this are the various parts of gladiatorial armour. This armour is not a bad match to on screen, but it does have discrepancies. The third smaller strap holding the shoulder armour in place doesn't actually exist on screen, but I get this may be a necessary to hold the part in place on the figure. The large strap also has two smaller gold shields on the on screen version rather than the large version on the figure.

The armour, like the body, is let in the colour plastic it is case in and would have also benefited from some weathering and paint apps to both bring out more detail and make Korg look like a battle weathered fighter. The only true paint apps we get are the gold badge - which has some bleed down onto the bronze strap - and some red "war paint" which is very poorly applied across the gold shield and down the right forearm.

There is some proportional issues in the body with the waist looking a bit too slim. But the overall height and bulk of the figure is good with Korg standing 8 inches tall and in proportion height wise with other characters.

Accessories 2/5

Korg has a single accessory, his club that duals as a projectile weapon. This accessory is a poor approximation of the on screen weapon. It is cast in a soft plastic and arrives warped and s very soft in the detail. The top half is a single grey colour with the bottom painted gold.

The weapon looks like it doesn't belong with the figure and looks more like an accessory for a much cheaper and less detailed line. Ideally it needs a better sculpt, but at worse it could have been given some more detailed paint apps to improve the look.

Articulation 4/5

Korg has a total of 19 points of articulation, and despite his bulk is fairly mobile across most joints.

Head : ball joint pivot neck

Body : torso ball joint, waist swivel

Arms : ball joint shoulder, bicep swivel, double joint elbows, wrist pivot

Legs : ball joint hips, thigh swivel, double joint knees, ankle rockers

You will find the left shoulder a little held back by the large armour panel. And the upper legs can't do a great deal behind the skirt section.

Every joint is tight and secure and most are ratchetted to support the overall bulk and weight of the figure. Korg stands perfectly well in neutral and fighting stances.


I was a big fan of Korg in both Ragnarok and Endgame, and it is great to get a figure of him for my MCU collection. Korg does come with some flaws, notably that poorly made weapon and a lack of paint apps on the body and armour to really finish him off.

He is well articulated and the overall likeness is OK, although with some tweaks it could have been amazing.

I score Korg from Thor Ragnarok an above average 3 out of 5.

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