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Review : Marvel Legends Karl Mordo, Doctor Strange

Karl Mordo was released in 2016 as part of the Marvel Legends wave coinciding with the release of the Doctor Strange movie. The wave was made up of three movie figures and six other comic based figures from the Doctor Strange comics, and a comic based Dormammu build a figure.

Packaging 4.0

The packaging for Mordo is standard to the Legends line with scooped sides and hanging tab. The base colour is black, with a deep orange tone chosen as the highlight colour for the Doctor Strange movie figures. This orange is used as the backing colour for the name plate and in the side panel artwork of Karl Mordo from the film. It is also employed as the backing card for the figure complete with Dr Strange logo.

The back of the box features an image of the figure against another orange hued backdrop. Beneath this is a checklist for the Dormammu BAF and to the side of it a very short piece of background text for Mordo.

"With masterful control of mystical entities and magical energies, Mordo's powers in sorcery are nearly unrivaled"

Paint & Sculpt 3.5

Mordo predates face print technology, but is a pretty good likeness to actor Chiwetel Ejiofor. Facial features are painted neatly to support the likeness - but these are a little rudimentary in there finish and I would love to see what the figure looks like using the more modern face print techniques.

The costume is well executed and quite complex being made up of overlapping robes and textures. Each is coloured well, but only base colours are applied and there is no shading or weathering to give the figure a little more depth. He looks a shade too bright in all areas of the costume vs the darker, grittier look we see on screen. Where paint has been applied on the trim of the inner tunic or the rope design ties on the wrists, it has been done neatly and without issue.

The wrappings of his left wrist do not wrap down and onto his hand as we see on screen, and his sling ring is also not sculpted. This could be due to the figure being based on earlier artwork, or could be a cost saver if these hands have come from another figure?

Accessories 2.5

Mordo is armed with his staff as his sole accessory. This is cast in plastic with a wooden texture running across it. The staff is warped on our review figure, and this looks to be a common issue on others, potentially due how it is packed and secured in the inner tray of the packaging. The staff has no paint apps applied.

It is designed to fit in either hand, with the right giving more of a grip than the left. The length of the staff and the articulation on the arms does facilitate two handed poses. I would have liked to see the Staff get a sheath or clip to mount it on Mordu's back as seen in the film. This has not been included.

It would also have been nice to see Mordo be packed with some magic FX pieces, perhaps the same as the one included with Doctor Strange. And alternative hands to recreate some spell casting?

Articulation 3.5

Articulatio for Mordo is a total of 18 points of articulation. He misses ut on the torso joint and waist swivel combination we see on some figures, getting a single combined waist pivot only.

Head : ball joint pivot neck

Body : ball joint waist

Arms : ball joint shoulders, bicep swivel, double joint elbows, wrist pivot

Legs : ball joint hips, thigh swivel, double joint knees, ankle rocker

The arms are pretty mobile, both for gesturing and for the use of his staff. Legs are somewhat restricted by the longer skirt which is quite rigid and blocks anything outside wider leg stances. Al the joints are very secure and tight and Mordo stands fine in a number of posed positions.


Considering Karl Mordo is an older release, he does delivery quite well in terms of likeness and the costume is well detailed in the main, albeit missing a wash or darker tone as well as some little details around the left arm and that missing sling ring.

Articulation is good, with the legs held back somewhat by the costume - although unless Hasbro moves to soft goods with the Legends line there was not much else that could be done here. The staff is poor and its disappointing there is no rear sheath. to mount it on Mordo's back.

Mordo was a shelf warmer for some time, but is now seeing his stock rise on the secondary market. He is a solid enough release, just not spectacular by today's standards, and I would love to see what he would look like with a face print and decor makeover. I give Karl Mordo from Doctor Strange a total score of 3.5

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