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Review : Marvel Legends Iron-Man Mk47 (Spider-Man Homecoming)

Pros : Neat paint job, nice sculpt and a bonus figure for a Spider-Man Homecoming display

Cons : Red tones can look a little pink in some lights. Needs swap out hand options and two repulsor blast FX pieces.

When you look at Spider-Man Homecoming as a movie event, there were essentially only around 4 or 5 characters that Hasbro could do as figures in their Legends range. While Spider-Man and Vulture took the key slots, it was inevitable that an Iron-Man would make an appearance considering his mentor role in the film.

While the Mark 47 suit didn't get a release as a single figure in the Homecoming wave, Hasbro did get it out to collectors by packing it with a tweaked version of the Spider-Man figure in a movie 2-pack.

The set was a US exclusive and was presented in the widened version of the Legends packaging. Spider-Man got an unmasked Peter Parker head and a tweaked mask. Iron-Man was a brand new figure, albeit a repaint of the Civil War Mark 46 suit released in 2016.

Having had a number of red and gold Iron-Man figures in the Legends line, the Mark 47 is a nice break with its predominantly silver trunk section. For me it is more visual appealing than the Mark 46 on which it is based. The sculpt remains the same as the Mark 46 with crisp lines and sleek panels and armour.

The paint is neat and glossy, although the ed does start to look a touch too pink and washed out under certain lights.

The Mark 47 suit stands 6.5 inches high, which makes it look and feel like Tony in a suit as opposed to other Iron-Man suit figures which are often on the small size.

The same level of detail we saw on the head continues into the body with crisp lines, panels and sleek lines bringing all the panels together, This is painted neatly with no bleeds or spotting. The only criticism would be the silver areas which are one tone and might have benefited from either a dark wash, or some slightly varying shades to differentiate the sections from each other.

The hands are an odd setup, with one clenched as a fist and the other an open palm. The Mark 46 got options for both on each hand, while here you do not have such a choice.

As an armoured and bulky figure, articulation will always suffer a little. The Mark 47 has 16 points of articulation, a couple less than other contemporary figures. The head is ball jointed and very mobile with some nice upward motion should you want a flying pose for your suit.

The torso is jointed under the arc reactor and this is also very mobile with some good backward movement, it is also nice to see as the torso is leaned backward the section under the torso is painted red and that the lines of the figure are therefore not lost when posing.

The arms are made up of a shoulder joint, which is restricted by the shoulder panels. You can raise the arm to about 45 degrees and then rotate it round the body. Further rotation is achieved by the bicep swivel under the shoulder. You do get double jointed elbows, and these allow the forearm to bend past 90 degrees, but not quite enough to fold back on itself. There is a similar range on the wrists which are pegged and pivoted. While these rotate, it is tough to get the hand to bend to 90 degrees to the forearm - this will have an impact later on in the review.

The hip joints are very pronounced ball joints, very visible due to the Iron-Man construction. There is no thigh swivel, with the legs able to be turned at the hip. There are double jointed knees and the legs finish up with ankle rockers. This all means Iron-Man can do some nice action poses, but not get near the superhero landing you have seen him do in many of his movies.

All the joints mentioned in both the legs and in the arms are nice and tight with clear ratchet operation. Iron-Man stands perfectly in a number of stances.

While this is a Mark 46 repaint, it does bring something new to the party with an alternative head option. While a proper MCU Tony Stark head would have been preferential, the next best thing is the empty sentry head as we see in the early part of Homecoming when the suit rescues Peter from the lake after his first tussle with Vulture.

The head swaps on and off easily and the alternative is painted as well as the original head, with some other nice touches like the eye slots in the mask being a plain black to indicate they are no longer engaged. The one disappointment is similar to the body where the inner is a simple grey tone with no definition despite sculpted detail within that a wash or some other paint apps might have enhanced.

Mark 47 also comes with a blast FX piece. These are also re-used from the Civil War Mark 46 suit, but in that release we got two of them. Here we only get the one.

The FX piece slots into the left hand which has a socket int he centre of the palm. the idea is that his reflects a repulsor blast. But remember that arm articulation from earlier, and you will struggle to get the arm and the wrist in particular into a firing pose that looks natural. Had there been two, like the Mark 46, then you could have used them in a vertical flying pose.

The piece itself is OK and looks half decent with a translucent blue colouring and some white accents of paint to make it appear more dynamic. It slots easily into the hand and holds in place without concern.

In summing up, the Mark 47 is a figure that has a lot of plus points, but also a lot of missed opportunities. Had it been a single release then I am sure it would have got alternative hands and two FX pieces, but by packing it with an already released Spider-Man (albeit with Peter Parker head) it has lost some of its opportunities to shine and it ends up feeling a little short changed.

To flesh out your Homecoming display, it works, but the fact it is a two pack will gall some collectors. And the circulation of the set outside of the US has made it very difficult for overseas collectors.

Give this a Tony Stark MCU head, two lots of hands and two repulsor blasts and it would have pushed a 5 out of 5 triumph. As it stands the set comes in with a 3 out of 5, and the Mark 47 gets the same mid-table score.


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