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Review : Marvel Legends Iron-Man Mk43, Avengers Age of Ultron

Pros : Articulation is particularly strong

Cons : Decor and Paint Job are soft, as is sculpt in parts. Unmasked head looks odd due to position of face plate. No alternative hand options

While it feels like we have had numerous Iron-Man MCU armours in the current Marvel Legends line, it was 2015 when we got the first in what we currently recognise as the Legends packaging with the Mk43. Prior to this the Mk42 and other previous movie armours had been released on Movie specific card backs.

The Mk43 was initial released in the Thanos BAF wave. It coincided with the Age of Ultron movie release and both Hulk and Captain America were included within the wave. In this first release you also got a 2nd head with a Tony Stark face exposed. In 2016 the figure was re-released in the UK best of MCU wave, now packed with the Hulkbuster leg, but having lost the alternative head option.

The sculpting on the Mk43 is a little sloppy in places with the lines a bit soft in definition. On the helmet this is helped by some black wash into the line of the mouth and round the eyes, but down into the armour everything else is a bit soft and undefined.

The figure is cast in a metallic red with the silver and gold colours added as paint applications. Like the head the panels, lines and parts of the suit feel undefined. This may have been improved with more black lining added on key areas. The proportions of the figure are OK, but he does look a touch slim when you consider there is a man inside the suit - he is also quite small compared to other MCU figures.

The other issue is the arc reactor which is a simple white sticker. It looks awful and has no depth or definition. The same applies to the repulsor visible on the left hand - another plain sticker. And talking of hands, Tony only comes with the two fitted to the figure. This in itself is an odd choice when the right one is a fist and the right is firing - you would expect Tony to have a pair of each included?

The slimmer build does help articulation and Tony gets 18 points of articulation across the figure. The head is a ball joint with a pivot also built into the neck peg to aid forward and backward movement. The torso is jointed under the chest armour and allows for the upper body to rotate and there is a degree of forward movement - and a lot of backward leaning motion if needed.

Our arms are ball jointed at each shoulder, and the shoulder armour above this will move as the arm is raised. Its not quite a joint, more of a flexible plastic where the shoulder connects to the body - I am not sure it would last too long with regular movement of the arm. Beneath the ball of the shoulder the upper arm rotates at the bicep and we then have double jointed elbows that bend to and beyond 90 degrees. We end with pivot wrists which will rotate and bend back slightly to give a repulsor firing pose with the left hand.

Legs have a rounded hip, which is a ball joint and beneath this we have a thigh swivel built under the thigh armoured panel. Knees are double jointed and the ankles are on rockers. While the joints are ratcheted across most points, they do still feel loose especially the knees.

What is a nice touch to the articulation is the building in of the required movement should you want your Mk43 in a flying pose. The head pivots back to be looking upward, the torso does the same and the ankles allow the toes to be pointed out.

The alternative head swaps out with a satisfying pop. Like the first head, the second option is also cast in metallic red with the skin tone painted over the top. The likeness to Robert Downey Jr. is OK and considering he is not an easy face to replicate this is not a bad effort. The eyes and beard are neat - although the facial hair a bit too jet black.

The raised face plate has had the eye slots painted black to show it is deactivated which is a nice touch. It sits a little bit too low however and covers the eyes of the head sculpt - it makes Tony look like his face plate has got stuck half way and he is leaning his head back in order to see out. The positioning on the War Machine figure from same movie is much better and I am not sure why this position was chosen for Iron Man?

There are a lot of things wrong with the Mk43 and while some will see it as an important part of any Age of Ultron display, please be aware of the flaws that come with it. The decor is poor with lots of bleeding and no definition in the panels which in themselves are softly sculpted. The hands are in two different poses so you can only have Tony firing his repulsors with the left hand. The Arc Reactor is applied as a sticker and looks cheap. And that head is spoiled by a weirdly positioned face plate?

On the plus side the figure is well articulated, including the option to have him flying with the right type of stand.

I score Iron-Man Mk43 a 2 out of 5.


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