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Review : Marvel Legends Ant-Man, 10 Years of the MCU Ant-Man 2-Pack

Welcome to our review of the Marvel Legends "The First Ten Years" Ant-Man.

In 2018 Hasbro announced and would later release a selection of Marvel Legend figures under the banner of The First Ten Years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Each set, which varied from a single figure release up to 3-packs, revisited a movie from the first 10 years of the MCU and gave us reworked and new figures from the movie. From 2015 was this two pack of Ant-Man and Yellowjacket from the first Ant-Man movie.

Packaging (5/5)

For this set of "First Ten Years" releases, Hasbro have moved away from the standard Legends scooped side packaging to these sleek boxes. The window remains and is bordered by a red line and then the gloss black of the box. The overriding logo is top left and that of Marvel Studios and their "First Ten Years" logo. The Marvel Legends logo sits opposite on the right. Beneath the window are the character names with the movie represented by the movie logo bottom right, but also the circular Pym logo.

Round the left side we find a red info box containing text about Ant-Man. Each 10 Year MCU set is numbered, and Ant-Man is number 8.

"When the Government attempts to seize Hank Pym's Pym particle shrinking technology for use in warfare, Pym trusts in the help of petty criminal Scott Lang to do the Ant-Man suit and strike back against corruption. Geared up as the half-inch hero, Lang must stop Pym Industries Representative Darren Cross before he sells the shrinking technology to HYDRA and enables them to create a new army of unstoppable, shrinking secret weapons"

To the right spine is a montage piece from the MCU with images of the movie. On the back of the packaging is a movie poster image with character bio's for both Ant-Man and Yellowjacket. On the rear of the box you can also see feint panel images taken from various movies of the MCU. This montage of MCU scenes is repeated on the inner cardboard insert.

"Ant-Man : Scott Lang is enlisted by Hank Pym to suit up as Ant-Man and fight against competing forces intending to use the incredible, shrinking Pym particles for evil."

"Yellowjacket : The new lead of Pym Industries, Darren Cross, threatens to sell his highly weaponized Yellowjacket suit to the criminal organisation HYDRA."

Sculpt & Paint (4/5)

Ant-Man re-uses much of the 2015 Ant-Man figure, but this release see's Scott get a new movie accurate helmet completely covering his head. This is painted in silver and is detailed in red and black - all very neatly applied. The eye lens are a little flat in a plain red, I'd have preferred something similar to the translucent lenses seen on the recent Wasp figure.

The body is cast in a black plastic with texturing now added on the main panels which are painted red and trimmed in silver. Despite the slim-lines the silver is also applied neatly and without any major issue. The figure does lack a wash to weather the suit and add some grime to the helmet.

As an added bonus you get an unmasked Scott Lang head with this release. This is executed using the Face Print technology and is a very crisp likeness to Paul Rudd. It is also a more neutral portrait to the one seen in the single carded 2018 release.

Articulation (4/5)

Ant-Man has 19 points of articulation, with a huge range of motion. On the trunk of the body is a pivot ball joint head, T-joint ratchet chest and rotating waist. The arms are ball jointed shoulders, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows and pivot wrist. The only complaint here is that the shoulders dont close up fully to the body and do stick out somewhat. The legs are ball jointed at the hip, with a thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle rocker.

While Ant-Man stands pretty well, the hip joints are quite loose straight out of the box. This does mean Ant-Man has a habit of sliding into the splits. While more frustrating than anything, it does mean Ant-Man will be best displayed on a stand.

Accessories (2/5)

Ant-Man's helmet head can be used as an accessory and held under the arm as the suit helmet. The other accessory is a repack of the 2015 tiny Ant-Man accessory. This stands just 1.6cm high and is cast in a softer plastic. He is painted with distinguishable red, black and silver parts. The figure does not stand, having originally been paced with Ant-thony the flying ant and is cast to ride him. This Ant accessory is not included in this set, which does make the inclusion of the mini Ant-Man a strange one?


Ant-Man is a huge improvement on the original release which was far from screen accurate. The paint is crisp and the texturing a nice addition. The Paul Rudd head is very impressive and articulation makes this a pleasure to pose - particularly when fighting the included Yellowjacket figure.

I score the Ten Years of the MCU Ant-Man 4 out of 5. The only gripes are the lack of wash to weather the figure and the relatively pointless mini Ant-Man that cannot stand on its own.

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