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Review : Imperial Forces 4-pack (Entertainment Earth Exclusive 2015) Star Wars Black Series

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Rewind to Force Friday, 4th September 2015, and an absolute avalanche of Star Wars 6" Black Series exclusives were revealed. One that stood out was the Entertainment Earth Imperial Forces 4-pack, and after a couple of months wait - this has finally arrived at Mephitsu Towers for review and entry into our Archives.

The first thing that will frustrate Mint in Box collectors is that this is yet another size and type of box to fit into your collection. The nearest comparison to this box would be the Amazon Exclusive Evolution of the Stormtroopers - but where as the Amazon box folds in on itself with 2 figures per side, this one is simply a flat box with four windows and in my opinion would display much better.

The box itself is the same height as a single boxed figure, but it is not quite the same length as four boxes together. Again this means it won't stack or line up with a collection of other MIB Black Series figures. The design principle remains the same as the other releases, with a black box and overlaid with grey lined artwork of each character cut into a triangular section under each window. The character name is picked out in bold red text, and in dual language. The top of the box front also holds the Star Wars logo. One interesting point is that each window seems to be printed with some black hatching around the guns - this is something we haven't seen (or I haven't noticed) on other releases, and am not sure why it is there or what value it adds? The exclusive nature of the box is marked with a simple yellow Entertainment Earth sticker in the top right corner.

The right hand side of the box follows the red side panel theme. It is unnumbered, and instead of naming the set it lists the four figures the box contains. Round the back and the rear is split into four panels, one for each figure, which contains a brief sentence or two about each character in four languages. Underneath each of these is another very feint grey lined drawing of the character.

The box opens at either side, and the whole inner tray slides out as one piece of perspex and behind this is a full length red background cardboard piece.

Like the Amazon 4-pack, there is nothing new in this box in terms of figure sculpt and articulation. The only differences are in paint applications. I am therefore not going to full review each figure, but rather provide an initial link to the corresponding initial release review if you want a more detailed look at the figure, once done hit "back" and I will then talk a little about the differences and my impression of each figure.

Sandtrooper, White Pauldron (Sergeant)

Personally, I was a little disappointed when I saw the White pauldron Sandtrooper was part of this set. I was kind of hoping we would see this in a deluxe box with a Dewback at some point. That being said, it does nicely wrap up the Sandtrooper variants from A New Hope and uses what is still arguably the best figure sculpt we have had in the series to date.

By using the 2013 Santrooper sculpt, you do get the double articulated elbows which have been dropped on the later 2015 Force Awakens figures. You also get the backpack and all three weapons that have been packed with the Orange & Black versions. The weathering is just as strong on this figure although there seems to be some odd orange eye liner under each eye of the helmet which I think is meant to be a build up of sand. My one gripe is that the white paint on the Pauldron isn't overly crisp at the edges, but you can probably put that down to the harsh Tatooine sand-storms.

All in all, this figure is really good and a worthy inclusion.