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Review : Hellboy with Ivan, Hellboy wave 1.5 (Mezco)

My movie collection is pretty eclectic at the moment and ranges and I try to stick to main characters for the films I really like from both my youth in the 70's and 80's to more recent releases like the Avengers figures from Diamond Select.

All my Grail items are currently from this 7" Movie side of figures, and one of the big ones I had always yearned after was the Mezco 7" scale Hellboy from 2004-2007.

Until recently I wasn't really aware of Mezco, and was also unaware they, or anyone, did figures from the Hellboy movies. These figures got limited UK exposure and now, some 10 years later, come up very rarely for sale and command a reasonably high premium on the secondary market.

I attended my first large scale collectors Toy Fair recently at Bolton's Macro Stadium and amongst the usual model train and model car stalls were a good smattering of stalls doing action figures. I had to take a second look as I was passing one as at the back of the stall was what looked like a Hellboy figure. Upon closer inspection it was the 2004 Hellboy in trench coat with Ivan the corpse, and was what I believe is the harder to find closed mouth version. He was pretty clean aside from a bit of dust and his gun was still in its holster. I was expecting the worst on price, but when I found out it was £20 I was sold and Red came home with me.

Hellboy stands just a bit over 7" a perfect size match for both Neca and Diamond Select. This figure is based on the first movie and depicts Hellboy in his black trousers and vest with trench-coat. For a 10 year old figure the sculpt is amazing, as is the painting and detail - with some lovely intricate painting on his coat and belt. The eyes are also something special as they almost seem to be glass as they reflect the light.

Red is fully articulated, including 3 points of articulation on his tail. He comes with a gun, which can be held in a holster under his coat, or placed in his normal left hand. In keeping with the film, Red comes with a corpse accessory which is basically another half a figure - comprising of a head, torso and arms all of which have basic articulation. The Corpse can be slung over Hellboy's back via its own rope & noose to represent scenes from the film.

I may be over invested in this figure, but I cannot find any major downsides to this release. Even at 10 years old it stands up to anything Neca or Diamond are doing at the moment and for any comic/superhero/movie fans I would highly recommend this for the collection. I give Red 5/5 and I am even keeping an eye out now for maybe a couple of companion figures. I really like the look of Wink but price on this is even more than Hellboy. Perhaps I will get lucky at the next fair.

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