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Review : Heat Wave, Flash #04, DC Collectibles, 2016

Review : Heat Wave

DC Collectables

Wave/Series : DCTV (CW) Flash #04

Released : 2016


The DC Collectable range of DC TV figures started in 2015 with a number of releases from Arrow. Towards the end of the first year the range was expanded to The Flash, and this continued into 2016. After figures of the titular Flash, Captain Cold and Reverse Flash - it was Heat Wave who got the 4th release in the Flash series.

Like all DCC releases to date, the figure comes in a window box with the right hand window turning a angled corner round into the side. The predominant colouring is white, with The Flash logo sitting on the front and a red band sitting under this with the number 04. The character name is printed onto the window on the angled corner.

The red band continues round the back where we get a larger Flash logo. There is no complex bio or figure details, just a traditional visual checklist of the other figures in the line. As the box turns back onto the other spine we get an expansion of the red band to incorporate a further Flash logo, character name and number. Above this is an image of the figure against a fiery backdrop - an apt background for this character.

Heatwave is strapped into an inner tray with three twist ties. These need to be carefully removed as the paint used on these DCC figures is often chalky and easy to rub. The same can be said of removing the sellotape that is holding in the alternative hands.

The inner tray is sat into a white cardboard insert, in the centre of which is a washed out flash logo in red and gold

The figure in hand is heavy and bulky, it feels good quality. The likeness to actor Dominic Purcell is passing - perhaps a bit soft. The head is cast in a skin tone and has no additional tones added, not even a darker tone for the lips. The goggles are well done and are painted neatly with visible rivets and clasps on the straps. The hair is touch glossy, but has more than just a single brown tone - there is texture built into that paint job.

There are a lot of decals on this figure, these do look a bit glossy where the backing translucent part of the decal contrasts the dull coat on the outfit. Around the back the Central City Fire Department logo appears to be stencilled.

Heat Wave stands 6 3/4" high. This puts him larger than a standard 6" figure, but not quite as big as the 1/10 (7") figures from the likes of NECA and Diamond.

Heat Wave is wearing the bulky Fire Department uniform and this has a lot of sculpted details with pockets, pouches and fastenings all built in. The colouring is pretty good with a grey base and a darker grey dry-brush to weather the suit and dirty it up. The boots are two tone with a grey stripe over the gloss black boots.

While the DCC figures always look pretty impressive, the articulation is some way behind other figures. There are 14 points of articulation on the figure with the head starting us off on a ball joint. Disguised under the coat is a waist swivel, but it is just that a swivel - no ball joint to give Heat Wave any options for leaning in or out of a pose.

The legs are peg mounted at the hip, a kind of hybrid of the Diamond T-joint hip and the standard ball joint. They do swing out and to the side, but are held back a little by the bottom of the coat. There is no thigh swivel so the next joint is the knee, which is double jointed. These work very well and the lower leg can practically fold back on its own thigh. We finish the legs with an ankle rocker under the pant leg.

The arms are ball jointed shoulders which will raise to 90 degrees and the coat to the torso is flexible at the shoulder so even being bulky it doesn't restrict movement. The elbows are only a single rotating joint and the movement varies on each arm - the figures right getting a bit past 60 degrees, and the left going a bit further to 90 degrees.

The hands are a pegged joint which rotates and is also designed to bend on the pivot to 90 degrees. Sadly the hands that are fitted with the figure and the others included do seem to be stuck in the neutral pose by the paint. They can be freed, but you do find the paint rubs and flakes as you do this.

The hands are designed to be swapped out, and the ones fitted do snap out easily.

Sadly the replacements are all poorly fitting and it is virtually impossible to force them in to sit flush with the sleeve. This makes the arms look peculiar and renders most of the replacement hands unuseable unless you are willing to start sanding down your pegs.

Heat Wave comes with his flame gun as his sole accessory. This is a very well realised piece cast in a black plastic. There are some more flexible silver and bronze tubing added to this and more bronze trim on the gun.

It fits into either of the two wider gripping hands, but the fit is tight. When we also consider the paints used are a bit flaky you will find the gun rubs paint off the hands and you do end up with some grey transfer onto the weapons grip.

Action poses are kind of restricted by the arm joints to pointing with one hand, it is not really feasible to get a two handed pose.

Heat Wave comes with a strap on his right thigh with a bracket to hang his weapon. Sadly this is not very well engineered either so while it has a hook, there is no corresponding fit on the weapon. The groove on the flamethrowers side seems the obvious match, but it simply falls off.

The best I could get was to use the silver piping and hook this over the bracket to have it hang to Heat Wave's side.

The RRP on these DCC figures is £20, the same as you would pay for a NECA, Hasbro or Diamond release of similar sizing. While these three companies continue to get better, it seems DCC may be getting a little left behind in terms of head sculpt / paint finish as well as articulation. The flaky paint and ill fitting hands are a frustration. And if you are going to put in a very obvious holster, it has to work with the weapon.

That being said this is a bulky heavy figure, with a well sculpted and painted outfit. I score Heat Wave a 2 out of 5, but if you do find this figure cheaper (such as the recent £8 price in Home Bargains UK) then he becomes a lot more desirable.

The future of the DCC line is not certain at present, but I would hope to see the character updated in the future with a Legends of Tomorrow release so we can add Mick Rory to our Legends display.

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