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Review : Hasbro Marvel Basic 6 inch Iron-Spider, Avengers Endgame

Hasbro have been releasing basic 6 inch figures for the last few Marvel movies, and for Avengers Endgame they did away with the previous gimmicks (remember the Infinity Stone weapons) and went for a basic figure at a pocket money price to allow kids to re-enact various scenes from Endgame.

Packaging 4/5

The Endgame figures, unlike the more expensive Marvel Legends, come on a shaped cardback blister pack. The figure sits to the right with an Avengers logo above and the Avengers logo sitting at the front of the blister. An illustration of the character, Iron-Spider, takes up the left hand side of the card.

Interestingly we don't have the full Endgame logo, just the word Avengers. This is the same as we see on Marvel Legends and indicates the packaging was signed off prior to the naming of the movie or was held back at least to avoid spoilers.

Round the back is wider shot of Iron-Spider and a brief text about the character. Under this is a short three box checklist of other figures in the line - Ant-Man, Chitauri and Captain America.


Paint & Sculpt 4/5

The basic line is made to a 6 inch size and not a 6 inch scale. For smaller characters like Iron-Spider, he fits well with other 6 inch lines like Marvel Legends. In fact he is slightly taller than his Legends counterpart. When you get to taller figures like Black Panther, Cap etc these will be undersized.

The sculpt is pretty great and the figure is overall very well proportioned. While the decor is neat it is quite basic as expected at a sub £10 price point.

Accessories 3/5

Being the Iron-Spider, the figures comes with the additional mechanical spider arms - putting it one up on the Marvel Legends release to date. The parts come in 5 parts - a backpack and four identical arms, all cast in a bronze plastic. Each arm snaps into a socket on the backpack, and that allows them some level of movement.

The backpack slots into a socket on the back of the figure. A small stub remains on the outside of the backpack - a left over from this figures previous use in the Infinity War line where the Infinity War gimmick used to sit.

Articulation 3/5

Iron-Spider weighs in with 7 points of articulation

Head : ball joint neck

Arms : ball joint shoulder, rotating elbow joint

Legs : socket hip rotation

The arms are quite wide ranging allowing for some web shooting poses. The head is also quite mobile with some movement allowing him to look up and down. The legs are the weak spot with a single joint a the hip which only swings out to a sitting position.

Again, it is worth considering the price point and at sub £10 this level of articulation is consistent with other figures from Hasbro like Star Wars. It is however a little bit behind the nearest direct comparison from Mattel, the Batman Missions Series.


Iron-Spider, and the other Endgame basic figures, will set you back £9.99 - you may even find them cheaper with our review figure being bought in Asda for £7.97

These are robust well made figures that the kids can throw about and play with, without looking like too cheap. In Iron-Spiders case there is a pretty good sculpt under the basic plastic colours which customisers may want to exploit.

This figure was purchased for my son, age 9, and I asked him to sum up the figure for me. He loves it as it fits with his other 6 inch Marvel figures (Homecoming, Infinity War, Black Panther) and he even mocked the fact his has the mechanical legs when mine doesn't.

If you want to judge a toy, then see how long it holds a child's interest - and this one was played with extensively on arrival, even switching allegiance to the DC universe and fighting alongside Missions Batman.

Based on this, I score the Hasbro Marvel Avengers Endgame basic series Iron-Spider a 4 out of 5.

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