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Review : Giant Man (Deluxe), Captain America Civil War

The first Giant Man MCU figure was released in 2016 as a Build-a-Figure in the Captain America Civil War wave. 3 years later, Hasbro re-released him in their Deluxe format complete with some minor tweaks.

Packaging 4/5

Packaging such a tall figure in the existing packaging for Marvel Legends was always going to be difficult, but Hasbro have come up with a novel pose for Giant Man - having him kneeling in the window as though supporting the plane wing like we see i the movie. This allows the standard Deluxe Legends box to be utilised with scooped sides.

The figure is badged under Captain America Civil War with the Giant Man name plate - even though this name was never used n screen. The side artwork is a little different to normal, with a transforming Ant-Man in various stages. This side art is simply reversed and repeated on the other side. The back of the box shows the top half of the figure alongside a short piece of background text.

"Scott Lang goes giant-sized to join Captain America in battle against other heroes"

GIant Man slides out of either side panel, and is sat into a clear plastic tray. This tray then sits in the card surround that also creates the backing for the figure. For Giant Man this is a blue tinged shot of the Airport.

Paint & Sculpt 4/5

The figure stands at 10 inches (250mm) tall, and while this is big vs other Legends figures it is certainly not the heights the figure reaches in the movie. The sculpt of the helmet is crisp and well executed, and with the larger scale we get more detail including translucent red lenses to the helmet with painted eyes and face underneath.

The costume detail is simply painted in variations of red and grey with trims of silver and some blue panels painted here and there. The darker grey is not quite dark enough but everything is neat and tidy including the silver trims.

When you compare our new Giant Man to the 2016 BAF release you will see some paint differences. The helmet is a big change from the original dirty gun metal to a brighter silver. The grey n the outfit is slightly darker and the red a touch less glossy.

There is a physical change in the boots, with the lips that sat on the BAF model now removed completely.

Accessories N/A

Giant Man comes with no accessories. It would have been nice to have included an alternativ set of hands in this set so instead of being restricted to clenched fists we have an option of some gripping hands to grapple with War Machine or hold up Spider-Man.

Articulation 5/5

Despite his size, Giant Man is pretty agile with 19 points of articulation, the same as most male legends bucks in 6 inch scale.

Head : ball joint pivot neck

Body : T-joint ab crunch, waist rotation

Arms : ball jointed shoulders, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, pivot wrists

Legs : ball jointed hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, ankle rockers

Even in super size the figure can kneel - as seen in the packaging - as well as get into some pretty good fighting and action poses. It is just a shame he doesn't have a more open gripping/holding hand to grab hold of War Machine as we see in the Airport in Civil War.

Like the BAF the figure does have some wobble in the legs and arms and the hip joints feel like they will be an issue overtime to hold up such a large figure. But for now he stands fine and is well balanced in a number of poses.


If you didn't get the original BAF Giant Man, then this single release is a much easier avenue to add him to your Civil War line up. If you did get the original, then this new version does not offer anything vastly different to warrant an update - unless of course you want a 2nd version for an Endgame scene.

Paint is neat and tidy, articulation is good for a figure of this size and the packaging is clever and will work for MIB collectors.

Paint is neat and tidy, articulation is good for a figure of this size and the packaging is clever and will work for MIB collectors. The one issue I do have is the lack of any alternative hands, something I feel a standalone release could have addressed.

I score the single release Giant Man the same as the 2016 BAF release, 4 stars out of 5.

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