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Review : Firestorm, Legends of Tomorrow #01, DC Collectibles, March 2017

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Review : Firestorm DC Collectibles Wave/Series : DCTV (CW) Legends of Tomorrow #01 Released : March 2017


While Hasbro and Mattel between them seem to monopolise the Marvel and DC licences for 6" figures respectively, there are other companies making figures. Where as Diamond Select are doing an awesome job on the 7" Marvel figures, DC have their own in-house DC Collectibles who are putting out some brilliant 6.75" figures at present across a number DC licences - both comic based, animated and for TV and movies. While CW's Arrow and Flash have been on the table for a while at DCC, 2017 see's both Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow join the schedule. Here we take a look at the first Legends figure with Firestorm.

The packaging for most DCC figures is boxed and using white as the predominant colour. This allows the figure to take centre stage in the window. This window wraps round the right side of the box, and here the character name is printed onto the clear plastic window. The other three sides of the window are surrounded in white and the Legends of Tomorrow logo sat under the window at the base of the box front. Under this logo is a coloured band that contains a lot of the legal and trade mark notices. This band is colour coded to the TV show, grey being used for the Legends of Tomorrow releases. On the angled part of this bar, as the box turns the corner, is the number one - identifying Firestorm as the first figure in the Legends collection.

To the rear of the box, and this is quite sparse in terms of what you may be used to from Hasbro or Mattel. The grey bar continues round the back and carries the DC logo and the sculptor detail. Above this, and the rest of the box rear is made up of an "Also Available" advert - showing the Season 3 Green Arrow, Hawkgirl and Zoom from Flash.

Continuing to the other spine (the left as you look at the box front) and DCC have taken a leaf out of the Diamond Select packaging with a colour image. Unlike Diamond though, who use movie images or comic art, DCC have gone with a full colour image of the figure itself showing off the head and shoulders of Firestorm. Rather than a full image, the grey trim continues to this side and here it carries the Legends of Tomorrow logo, the character name and the number of the release (#01)

Once out of the box you will find Firestorm and his accessories in a standard inner clear tray. The backing card continues the white theme, broken only by the Legends of Tomorrow logo. It is good to see that DCC have packed a short instructional insert which shows you how to swap out Firestorms head/hands, as well as how to assemble Hawkgirls wings and attach Zoom's speedster effects. I often comment that many companies simply let us work this out for our selves, so well done DCC.

Firestorm arrives with his flaming head attached and in this guise he stands 7 inches high. For anyone new to the DCC scale, the sizing is unusual in the market as they work to a 6.75" sizing. The nearest comparison would be Diamond Select or NECA figures, and side by side these DCC figures don't look massively out of place - but they are a touch smaller in most cases.

In hand, the figure is nice and weighty and is obviously quality vs some of the cheaper plastics we find on other products. The head sculpt is a good likeness to Franz Drameh and the flame effect is also very well done in a translucent orange through to yellow plastic. The head paint applications are neat with the white eyes for the combined Firestorm looking very impressive. While there is no shading or washing, the detail on the sculpt works well enough with the natural light. Even the shaved hair is nicely done to either side of the flame effect.

Down into the costume and the replication to the suit seen in the TV show is admirable. The top section is the deep red, with yellow chest section complete with the circular chest piece and off shooting circuitry. Each panel is lined in a neat black line and there is some good washing and weathering on the front and back of the torso.

Down into the legs and the costume transitions from red into black, and if you run your hand where the red panels still sit - these are relief and sculpted rather than just being a paint application. The outfit ends with some plain laced boots.

The whole paint job looks and feels different to many other lines, it has a smooth but almost matt quality to it and really pops on display.

The hands are interchangeable on Firestorm. He arrives with a pair of fists fitted, but these can be taken off with a satisfying pop and replaced as you wish. You can add in open palmed hands, on one or both sides and these come in flame on or flame off varieties. The flaming versions using the same translucent plastic technique as the head with an orange core through to yellow flames. There is also flame firing hand which sits on the right wrist. This has an extended flame in a firing effect.

The other swap-able option is the head, with a standard Franz Drameh head included for those who want a normal looking Firestorm. This looks to be the same base sculpt as the flame head, but with the eyes now painted the expression changes dramatically. So two great head sculpts for you to choose from and with the hand options as well you won't be short of display options.

The looks on Firestorm can't be faulted, so how's the articulation?

The DCC figures are again comparable in articulation to Diamond's Select figures - around 16 points of articulation. That means they aren't super articulated, but have enough for some good shelf posing.

Firestorm starts with a ball joint head that rotates 360 degrees and can look up and down by a few mm's either way. The shoulders are ball jointed, and the arms can be raised to 90 degrees out from the body and then rotated fully. The elbow is a single joint, bending to just under 90 degrees. The wrists are pegged so do fully rotate, but they also have a pivot in the peg to allow some forward and back movement - be advised this is very stiff out of the box and takes some gentle persuasion. Once freed this pivot will only move the hand within the restrictions of the sleeve.

There is a torso joint and yet this barely moves and doesn't add much in the way of movement. It can swivel and move back and forth, but as you do so it exposes the bright yellow colouring underneath and looks odd. The waist is also a joint that rotates.

Into the legs and these are a similar joint to the T-joint used by Diamond. That means the leg swings up and down, and then out to the side. The sideways movement doesn't go particularly far, but the forward movement will let you sit Firestorm down. The knees are double jointed and work really well as the lower leg can essentially fold round on itself. This opens up the figure for some good kneeling posing. The articulation ends with rocker joints on the ankle. While most of the joints feel tight and robust, the ankles are a tad loose and as you know a loose ankle rocker is not your friend when standing a figure on display.

These loose ankles are about the only flaw I can find on Firestorm. And bear in mind this is a 6.75" Action Figure that you will be able to buy for sub £20 here in the UK. You can't argue with that level of value for money - a weighty, well made and well painted Action Figure for £20! Consider also the extra parts and the MOC friendly packaging, then Firestorm deserves nothing less than a 5 out of 5 from me.

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