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Review : Death Trooper Rogue One, Black Series (Star Wars)

Review : Death Trooper (Rogue One)

Star Wars Black Series (Hasbro)

Wave/Series : Rogue One Wave 1

Released : September 2016

Price : £21.99

The Star Wars Black Series welcomes the Rogue One figures into it's midst this September, with the launch of the first wave based on Rogue One. Hasbro have made the decision to keep the red & black packaging that launched with The Force Awakens, and therefore the numbering for the Rogue One figures is consecutive to the Saga and Force Awakens figures that have come before.

#25, The Death Trooper, has been the Poster Character for Rogue One for quite a while now and is arguably the most anticipated figure of this first wave. He will also appeal to Army Builders who will want a squad of these black clad troopers. Like all phase 3 figures to date, the black box is trimmed with the bright red side spine onto which is printed the number of the figure and the character name. The front is decorated in a grey lined drawing of the trooper and this is replicated round the back where you will also find a multi-lingual bio of the trooper.

Out of the pack the figure is packed with two weapons, a small hand blaster and a larger rifle. We will look at these in a little while.

The Death Trooper stands an impressive 6 1/4 inches high, making him the tallest Black Series Imperial Trooper to date and a replication of the tall and sleek stature we will see in the movie. Like the long line of Trooper figures before him, the Death Trooper is a lovely looking thing and well executed all round by Hasbro. The new helmet is more angular at the front and this is perfectly captured and then is really well coloured. The paint see's neatly applied silver to the front breathers and up the face plate to the eyes, and here the eyes do have a green tint to match the prop.

The armour on the Death Trooper, once you get up close to it, is not as bulky as the standard Storm Trooper but does carry through the same characteristics. The shoulder straps are there, although are more defined and with an actual strap that is picked out neatly again in a brushed metal finish. Round the back is the iconic Storm Trooper back plate and further down on the rear is the circular tube on the belt. All the armour is a high gloss black, and then beneath this there is a greyer under-suit which is also sculpted to include a ribbed finish. This all meas what looks at first glance to be a shiny black figure does turn out to include a lot more depth than you would first think.

The arms are very similar to the standard troopers and again are high gloss and the same applies to the legs, although here the knee pads are not included and you can see that ribbed under-suit again between the upper and lower panels. Round the waist is the aforementioned utility belt, and unlike the Storm Trooper there are some varying pouches here and a flexible rubberised strap which is the holster for the smaller blaster.

The two guns included are cast in a plain grey plastic and for me don't quite live up to the quality of the figure. The smaller blaster on mine came out with a bent scope and the plastic here is a bit too soft. The larger blaster does carry a bit more detail with a red indicator panel round one side, and with it being thicker and bulkier it shouldn't bend or mishape easily.

Articulation is brilliant on the Death Trooper, particularly as the expectations for me were quite low when you consider the Clone and Storm Troopers we have seen to date and how they are restricted by the armour. As the Death Trooper is sleeker and more stream lined this translates to much more movement. This all starts with the usual ball jointed head which can rotate fully and is then hinged to be able to look down as far as getting the mouth piece of the helmet to touch the chest armour.

The arms are ball jointed and rather than the shoulder panel withdrawing into the armour, on this figure the shoulder panels have a level of flex which see's them smoothly transition over the shoulder and bend to match the contours as the arms are raised. This means the arms go up a full 90 degrees to the body and can then rotate. Add in a rotating elbow joint which bends past 90 degrees, and a two handed weapon pose is a piece of cake.

The torso is also jointed, hidden nicely under the chest plate. What this means is the Torso can lean forward and back and also rotates right round, adding more action poses and scope on displaying the trooper.

The hips are ball jointed, and with the belt being a similar flexible plastic like the shoulders, Death Trooper can sit down and comes close to doing the splits. The knees remain double jointed and because of the wider hip movement you can easily have the Death Trooper kneeling on one or two knees and again opening him up to some dynamic action poses. The final joints are the usual ankle rockers, and these are nice and stiff and that means the Trooper is dead easy to stand up and stay that way.

I have a feeling the Death Trooper will be the chase figure from this first wave, so grab him when you can - although he is coming back apparently in the 2nd wave later into the Autumn. As a figure he has very few faults, and we award him a 5 out of 5 score with the benefit of the doubt given on those ugly grey plastic guns.

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