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Review : Daenerys Targeryan, Game of Thrones (Funko Legacy)

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Review : Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones (Funko Legacy) Wave/Series : Collection 2, #12 Released : October 2014

Price : £14.99 - £19.99

Daenerys Targaryen is the 12th, and possibly final, figure in the Funko Legacy Game of Thrones collection. As of writing it seems the hiatus of the collection is becoming more and more permanent with no news on a 3rd series, and what looks to be a move by Funko away from realistic action figures to more contemporary ranges more like their highly successful Pop! figures.

Daenerys is the 2nd figure, after Tyrion, to receive a 2nd version within the 12 figure range and that in itself is a bit of a shame as she probably didn't need it, with the first version being a very strong release and the series having plenty of other characters that would warrant a release - from Tywyn to Ser Jorah to Sansa Stark or Grey Worm. Daenerys comes in her Slaver's Bay outfit, predominantly seen in series 3 and into series 4 of the show.

As with all the GoT releases, Daenerys box is themed around her house, Targaryen. With a red design and the three headed dragon sigil on the front and across each spin. The rear of the box shows Daenerys from the show and a list of all 6 figures included in the second series of figures.

Out of the box, and Daenerys stands 5 1/4 inches high, comparable with the height of the actress Emilia Clarke who stands 5ft 2 inches high - and for the action figure scale police she is also the same height as her series 1 version so I applaud the consistency.

The head sculpt is either brand new, or at least a tweaked version of the series 1 head. There is a sterner look to this Daenerys and this is supported by a crisper paint job around the eyes and mouth vs the wave 1 version. The hair piece is also different, sculpted to flow off to either side of the head and a pony tail down the back. Like the wave 1 version, the hair is painted in a light blonde and then washed with a darker tone to add depth. Sadly, they have gone too yellow on this release and it doesn't really match the silver hair of the Targaryens from the show.

The outfit is relatively plain in terms of a blue dress, into which is sculpted very little detail. There is a texture to the outfit, and this is more obvious on the lower skirt piece than the top chest piece. There is very little attempt to sculpt folds into the cloth and the whole thing is painted in a flat turquoise. Both arms are bare skin, so again are a flat colour - and the old chalky paint issue comes into play again with paint flaking off around the elbow joints far too easily.

Under the skirt are a pair of grey leggings, and there is more detail in these than anywhere else on the dress. The leggings are ruffled and sculpted with folds in the cloth and then painted in grey with a darker grey/brown wash - which brings out the detail, but detail that is all hidden under the flat turquoise boring dress. The figures boots are knee high and painted in a brown leather look finish - and here there has also been some paint applications but its very subtle and doesn't do much.

The whole outfit ensemble is topped off with a cloak. And like the dress this is a flat turquoise colour. Now here they have added some folds to try and represent a natural flow of the cloak, but all that hard work is ruined by the fact the cloak sits far too far away from the body and bulges out in places where it shouldn't bulge. Unless you stick Daenerys left elbow back into the cloak it looks like she has a hump. The finish on the cloak is also too glossy, and a bit of weathering round the base of the cape would have been nice.

I never road test these GoT figures too thoroughly on articulation as there is a historic issue of weak joints and easily broken figures. Daenerys feels a bit more robust than others I've had and without any bulky armour she does have a reasonably good field of movement. The head looks from side to side, but is held back by the hair - and with the way the hair is sculpted her head only looks good in one position otherwise you get phantom hair suspended out to the side with nothing supporting it.

Arms are on ball jointed shoulders, rotating elbow joints and a pegged wrist. As I mentioned, moving the elbows strips the paint too easily leaving the weird clear plastic they seem to use exposed. The right arm is more moveable than the left, with the left held in place by the ugly rubber cloak.

The waist joint works better than most I have seen on this range, and can twist Daenerys' torso to either side. The legs, are all but locked in place by the skirt - but are jointed well at the hips, knees and ankles.

Daenerys comes with just the one accessory, the slavers whip, and that fits in either hand. It is decorated pretty well with gold trim on the handle and the ends of each tassel.

The original Daenerys came with a baby dragon, and with so little detail on this figure I kind of which Funko could have packed in bigger dragon to add some value. If you lined this figure up with Jamie Lannister or Khal Drogo - both from the exact same range and series - you would be forgiven for thinking they were made by two different companies.

For her plain outfit, ill fitting cloak and basic paint job (aside from the well painted trousers no one will see) I score the Series 2 Daenerys Targaryen a disappointing 2 out of 5 and hope that she doesn't rain fire down upon Mephitsu Towers in retaliation.

It will be a shame if this is the last GoT figure from Funko. They had flaws, but they also had plenty of high points if you look across the range as a whole. Sadly it seems that they weren't overly well supported in stores judging by the clearance prices we are seeing today. I hope that perhaps Funko can see a way to push on with a 3rd series, or indeed an enterprising company picks up the licence and 6" scale and builds on what Funko have started.

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