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Review : Clone Captain, Wave 8 (2015) Star Wars Black Series

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

The Clone Captain, as seen very briefly in Attack of the Clones, is the 13th figure of the phase 2 Blue Line figures in Hasbro's Black Series 6" line. Released in 2015 it falls into Wave 8 and is a simple repaint of the Clone Trooper we originally saw in wave 4.

Once Hasbro had the Clone Mark 1 sculpt it was always going to be wheeled out to fill gaps in waves as a much cheaper alternative to a brand new sculpt, and do you know what I am happy with that and its nothing new to either Hasbro or indeed any figure producing company. We have had this figure as a flat white clone and as a green trimmed sergeant, and will see the yellow flavour in November when the Amazon evolution exclusive packs arrive. We will also see the body re-used for Wave 9's Commander Cody and for the Mk 2 clone in the same box set - and likely beyond that for other releases like Captain Rex.

The Clone Captain arrives in the blue-lined box, numbered as #13, and with the usual grey lined artwork. Like the other figures in wave 8 and 9, there is no blurb or character background on the box rear, which feels a bit lazy and certainly a missed opportunity to either give some character background or perhaps advertise other figures in the range.

Out of the box and Clone Cap stands at 6" high and arrives with a blaster and a larger rifle.

The sculpt on the Mk1 clone has always been ever so slightly off for me. I can't put my finger on it other than it looks a tad too slim and the helmet doesn't look like it can have a human head underneath. That being said, and like the Storm Trooper, Hasbro has done a good job of defining the various panels of armour and sculpting them over the top of what would in real terms be a black body suit.

The armour does however impact the articulation quite considerably. The arms can barely move outward from the body as they are blocked at the shoulder joint by the shoulder pads. The bicep swivel and the double jointed elbow should allow the figure to achieve a good two handed weapon pose, but the elbow pad restricts that movement which means the Clone can get "nearly" there, but not enough to look comfortable.

The legs have enough movement at the hips to get into a reclining sitting position, but not a lot else. There is an unnatural kneeling pose, but none of these are going to suit collectors and most, like myself, will go with the neutral stance.

The guns fit in either hand, but always look a bit off. It is a shame that you cant get the rifle to sit over the shoulder like the Kamino Parade group scene from the movie. In the end you will have to decide how to arm your Captain and then pose as best you can.

I want to talk about painting last on this figure. And firstly a positive, in that Hasbro have not repeated the issue we had on the Green Sergeant where the white was a significantly different colour to the other clones. Red Captain is the same crisp white as the original clones and therefore looks fine leading a squad or in a group shot. The red is also neatly done in most areas and the few bits where it is faded may almost be deliberate to give him a battle worn look. The unforgivable issue (on the one I received at least) was a huge chunk of brown paint on the brow and down the face. This type of error should never leave the factory and is too regular an occurrence on the Black Series of these blue line boxes to be forgivable. Hasbro needs to have a serious look at their quality control.

There is nothing new here to warrant any different score than the 2 out of 5 I gave the Green Sergeant. Yes they have fixed the white colouring, but he still isn't quite right and is clunky in articulation. Sadly I can't see this improving with future Clone Troopers as there would be no need from Hasbro's point of view to retool. I am hoping however that they at least use this body to give us some more interesting variants from Revenge of the Sith

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