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Review : Avengers Endgame Hulk, Shop Disney Exclusive (Diamond Select Toys)

Hulk, as seen in Avengers Endgame, was released twice by Diamond Select Toys in their Marvel Select 7 inch scale action figure line. The first, the one we are reviewing here, was released in 2019 a a Disney Store / Shop Disney exclusive. Diamond would release a 2nd version in January 2020.

Packaging 2/5

Hulk is packed in the standard Select oversized blister packaging, with a wrap around side panel. An insert in the blister confirms this is Hulk from Avengers Endgame. The character name sits in non-specific yellow text down the side - with the Marvel Select logo at the top, and the Disney Castle logo at the bottom confirming this as an exclusive.

The main issue with the Select packaging - in a world where resealable window packaging is the norm - is the fact it is destroyed one opened. And even sealed the size and shape attracts shelf wear, particularly on the exposed corners.

(I purchased this figure loose so the packaging images are stock photos)

Paint & Sculpt 1/5

The likeness to the Endgame Mark Ruffalo Hulk is terrible on the figure, it is a very generic head and then painted badly. You know it is a bad likeness when my son took one look at the figure and asked why Hulk was wearing makeup. The lips are too red, the eye brows comedicly thick and Hulk is indeed wearing what looks like blusher on his cheeks. Beneath these "details", Hulk's green skin tone is too bright and light

The hair is painted black with very messy white added to each side. This is mean to grey the hair as we see on screen. Instead it looks like Hulk has been painting his ceiling.

The costume is a close approximation of what Hulk wears in the scenes where he wields the Infinity Stones. There are issues though - issues that Diamond seem to fix on their general release - this includes the colouring and the panels of the suit, where the shapes are not quite right and the shade of grey and purple are too bright.

The body shape is also off. Hulk is too wide and the legs too short for the torso. Another poorly proportioned figure from Diamond.

Hulk is much shorter than previous Select Hulk figures as you can see in the images below where he lines up with the 2012 Avengers Hulk. However, when you line up the Endgame Hulk with a standard figure he is about the right height. He is also the same height as the Marvel Legends Hulk (top 2 images) making him a "possible" stand in for Legends figures - if you want to go down that route with this figure.

Accessories 1/5

Hulk has no true accessories as such, but is packed with spare hands. We have a pair of fists and a pair of open palms for variation in posing. These too have the same pale green skin tone and are poorly painted.

What I wanted as the Infinity Gauntlet as an option. This was reserved for the infinately better looking general release.

Articulation 2/5

Hulk arrives with a total of 19 points of articulation, which on the surface is impressive for a Diamond Select figure.

Head : ball joint neck

Body : torso ball joint, waist swivel

Arms : ball joint shoulder, bicep swivel, single elbow joint, wrist pivot

Legs : T-Joint hips, thigh swivel, double joint knees, ankle rockers

Unfortunately the movement on the joints does not live up to the number of joints available. The arms are heavily restricted by the shape of the shoulders and biceps and the elbows get to about a 45 degree bend.

The chest torso ball joint simply rotates - the same movement as the waist - and is also blocked off as you turn by the shape of the torso.

Legs use the T-Joint that Diamond employs and once again these are loose. Hulk is a hefty figure and needs suitable joints to hold him up. Sadly the hips are not up to the task, and this is made worse by the ankles being even looser. The knees do fare better, but despite being double jointed the mass of muscle on Hulk's thigh blocks movement beyond a right angle bend. That does mean Hulk can get into some awkward kneeling poses.

With those hips and ankles working against you, the Hulk is really hard to stay standing.


This whole figure feels like a Knock Off - from the paint to the articulation, everything is inferior to what Diamond eventually released as a standard figure. It is very odd that tooling and costs would go into making two figures of the same character in the same costume and one so much poorer than the other.

The figures are priced the same too, which is staggering. I bought my Hulk on the secondary market loose - but am still disappointed with the figure for the price I paid, which was about half the price of the full figure as new.

I score this Disney Store Exclusive Endgame Hulk an atrocious score of 1 out of 5. This is my first Marvel Select figure for some time after being all-in for a number of years. It certainly has done nothing to tempt me back to the line.

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