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Review : Aguilar, Assassins Creed (McFarlane Color Tops)

Review : Aguilar

Assassins Creed (2017 Movie)

Wave/Series : McFarlane Color Top, Blue #12

Released : December 2016

Price : £16.99 - £19.99

One of my earliest collections was of McFarlane 7" scale horror figures. Before NECA had really got going, and while Hasbro were still doing 3.75" as a staple, the McFarlane figures were for me about the most detailed and realistic out on the market. Since those days McFarlane drifted considerably from the 7" scale and were replaced by NECA in the market, while McFarlane moved on to Sports figures and recently smaller scale 5" figures for lines like The Walking Dead.

Last year it was announced that McFarlane were making a return to the 7" figure scale with a collectors range called Color Tops. Rather than one licence, the Color Tops range would span numerous brands from TV, Movies, Anime and Video Games. This is our first review of a McFarlane Color Top figure. With our focus being mainly on Movie figures we have picked the newly released Aguilar from the Assassins Creed movie as our test bed figure.

As is the case with most collectors line of the last few years, the Color Tops are presented in a window box. The design starts on the front with the Color Top logo itself in the top left corner, and in Aguilar's case the background of this box is Blue representing the Blue wave. To the right of this the box goes to a black background and here the logo is placed for the Assassins Creed movie. The window itself is offset to the right of the box and wraps round the right spine. The left side is a further panel of black on to which is placed the age rating of +12 and the Ubisoft logo. Under this is a shadow image of Aguilar with his hood cutting and being shaped into the window. This panel opens up to cover the full base of the box front and it is here we find the character name of Aguilar.

The left spine is, as we mentioned above, part window allowing a view of the side of the figure. The color tops and blue background is repeated at the top of the spine, with the name at the bottom. In between we have another Assassins Creed logo, this time the background starting to carry a graphite type design. The right spine duplicates a number of elements from the left with the Color Top top banner and the Assassins Creed logo. The biggest difference is the bottom section which holds the first reference to the numbering system of the Color Tops, labeling this figure as #12 on a blue background.

The back of the box has a swept blue top banner which does fade to a darker color to blend in with an inset of the Assassins Creed logo. The bulk of the back is made up of a large full size image of the figure shown from the front and the back and over this a close up of the head and shoulders. The name is repeated to the side of this portrait and the number is repeated, this time in yellow text in a blue circle. In the bottom third is the words "9 new figures at" and the website McFarlane.com, with the "9 figures" piece repeated in French and Spanish. There is a final flurry of blue, the McFarlane logo and then the usual "made in" text and company address.