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Marvel Legends "Best of MCU" Armoured Thanos Wave...

In 2016, the Hasbro team created its first full wave of MCU figures. The wave, titled "The Best of the MCU" took figures from the previous year and repacked them into one MCU wave with an MCU BAF. These waves were offered outside of the US, often to Europe or the Far East or both.

2016 got the Hulkbuster BAF repacked with characters from Age of Ultron and beyond. 2017 gave us a Giantman repack with Civil War figures. 2018 combined figures from Thor Ragnraok and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with a Gladiator Hulk BAF. And in 2019 it was a Thanos BAF repack with figures from Infinity War and Ant-Man & The Wasp.

The first rumblings of a Best of MCU wave for 2020/1 were in Summer last year (2020) where Taiwanese store Damning Toys listed an Avengers Endgame Best of MCU wave for sale. There were no official images of the wave, just a group photo of the 7 figures. The figures could not be shipped outside of Taiwan due to Covid-19 and soon sold out. No other retailer has since listed or sold the wave.

In the last week I have noticed the wave has now started to show up on Aliexpress. What is interesting is that the listings appear to now come with promotional images. These images are very low res but show us both the figures and the packaging which now carries the full Avengers Endgame logo - the original waves did not use the Endgame name specifically.

The wave is made up of 7 figures in total, with nearly all the figures from Avengers Endgame and as released in other waves in 2019. The Iron-Man Mk85 does not come with a BAF part and appears unchanged from the original release.

Thor is taken from Infinity War rather than be updated to his Endgame look which would require a new figure. He comes armed with Stormbreaker and is packed with Thanos' head which has to be intentional. This is the third time this figure will have been released, although this 3rd release looks to have dropped the lightning effect.

Rescue is a direct repack from the Endgame waves and comes with the alternative backpack. Rescue comes with the Thanos torso.

Captain America looks to be the Worthy Cap exclusive repacked, he includes his shield (still not broken) and the Thanos right leg. Mjolnir and the alternative head from the original release have been dropped.

The Iron-Spider was the one released initially for Infinity War and like the first release it excludes the mechanical legs that would come in a later 2-pack. He comes with the left arm of Thanos

The Black Panther figure looks to be the same as the UK slimmed down release which is the Infinity War suit without the Vibranium Effects and the newer head. He comes with the Thanos left leg.

Black Widow is the only figure in the wave that is new, in a fashion. She has been assembled using what appears to be the Infinity War body with the combat vest removed, and the head from the Quantum Suits 2-pack. She comes with the Thanos right arm and weapon.

The Thanos BAF is the Armoured version of Thanos and this remains unchanged from the original release and still comes with Infinity Gauntlet left arm and his twin blade weapon

At this point there is nothing to suggest this wave will make its way to Europe and the UK, although the cardback that is being used on Aliexpress for the Iron-Man figure is the standard card which is used for global releases and has no overstickers or details for a Far Eastern release. I am therefore going to hold out hope that we may see these figures in 2021 as the MCU gets back on track after having the whole of 2020 off.

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