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Marvel Legends 2019 Toy Fair Reveals

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

At the Hasbro press panel a number of brand new Marvel Legend figures were confirmed and announced. These, as usual, were broken down into themed waves.

Starting with the Spider-Man Wave 2 of 2019 - this will feature the Stealth Suit and new Spider-Suit from Spider-Man Far from Home. Also included will be Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter), Doppleganger, Hydroman and a classic Scorpion.

Avengers Wave 1 2019 will be made up of the previously announced Citizen V, Night Hawk, Living Laser and Hercules.

Figures for Avengers Endgame remain under wraps, but the Endgame wave will include Ebony Maw.

Wave 2 for Avengers will include the previously announced Classic Loki, Union Jack and Beta Rey Bill. This is where the MCU Shuri from Black Panther will fit. Also included is Rock Python as the Serpent Society team building continues.

Walgeens have the Mystique exclusive which is hitting stores now. They will also be getting an Infamous Iron-Man and a Black Costume Emma Frost.

Walmart will get the final member of the Black Order, Corvus Glaive, in a 2-pack with an Infinity War Loki (the one we saw in the recent behind the scenes video - a repaint of the Ragnarok version). Walmart are also getting the Binary Form Captain Marvel.

Target are getting two new exclusive 2-packs in the US. First in the MCU line is a Spider-Man Homecoming set of Spider-Man and MJ. Images on this are not great, but show the 2-pack as including Spider-Man in his yellow school blazer and a great looking MJ figure with two head sculpts. The second set is a Spider-Man and Kraven the Hunter 2-pack as seen previously at the New York Toy Fair. Target are already accepting pre-orders on both of these at $39.99 each. The release date is 24th of April.

Amazon's exclusive is an X-Men Brotherhood 3 pack made up of Magneto and his two children Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. This is already on pre-order on Amazon.com for a July 1st 2019 release. The item will ship to UK at around £65 shipped with customs sorted in advance.

The 80 years of Marvel will be an Autumn release and includes both comic book and MCU releases.

For comic book fans we have the Wolverine & Hulk 2-pack which is a fan channel exclusive. There is a new Juggernaut with new helmet.with a Classic X-Men Colossus. Walmart will have a Classic Captain America. There will also be Classic releases of Thor and Iron-Man who will come with an alternative 1980's helmet.

MCU fans can look forward to a Captain America set including Captain America in POW jacket and Peggy Carter - this is an Amazon Exclusive. For Thor Ragnarok we have Hela, complete with a new head (perhaps the one we shared a few months ago) and Skurge. There is also then a Grandmaster and Korg two pack.

Avengers Infinity War fans can look forward to a full Iron-Spider with the additional legs. And a more accurate Mk50 Iron-Man complete with nano-tech floating cannons. The final set is from Ant-Man and the Wasp and gives us Ghost and Louis

There will be a 6 figure wave of Vintage figures in 2019. Four are announced as Cyclops (with two heads), Silver Samurai, Wolverine (Black Costume) and Dazzler. These will be on X-Men vintage cards.

There is also an X-Force wave of Guardian, Boom Boom, Cannonball and Mr Sinister.

The vehicle line will continue with WW2 Captain America and his motorcycle.

Finally we will have a Nightcrawler and an


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