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Hasbro Pulse Star Wars Fan Stream

Hasbro are hosting a Star Wars Fan Stream event on the 1st of February 2023 at 4 pm UK time (11 am EST). You can watch the live stream via the direct YouTube link below, and we will also be posting through the event with the key points & reveals.

It is likely that the press pack for revealed items will be available soon after the event and will be shared upon receipt from the Hasbro PR team.

Commentary on the Event

The event is being hosted by Jing, Emily, Eric, and Chris.

The Hasbro Team will be attending Star Wars Celebration in London

The first reveal is a Star Wars Celebration Exclusive, a 40th Anniversary Revenge of the Jedi Darth Vader based on the early movie posters. THe set will feature a removable poster that is slotted into the front of the pack. There is also a display stand for the poster. The item will be sold at Celebration and more details will follow.

Continuing the 40th Anniversary Return of the Jedi Black Series reveals is the first look at the Rebel Endor Trooper which was a pipeline reveal in late 2022. He is a brand new sculpt and includes two blasters, removable back-pack, a removable bandoleer and a swap-out head allowing you two trooper options - the second being the older bearded Trooper, Nik Sant.

The Endor Trooper is a general US release, and a Fan Channel it the UK and Europe. It will arrive in Summer 2023.

They moved to the Vintage Collection Reveals next for Return of the Jedi starting with a new Darth Vader release. Vader features a three-part helmet and the Sebastian Shaw head sculpt. The hand can be swapped out for a 'cut off' version.

Darth Vader is joined by Admiral Piett who uses a new Imperial Officer body. The figure features the originall badge error from Return of the Jedi where Piett was wearing a lower ranked Imperial Rank Tile. The figure has a removable hat, and a blaster.

The Return of the Jedi Han Solo is a new figure tool from the waist upwards, including a new Han Solo head sculpt.

The final figure is a Weequay from Jabba's Palace & Sail Barge which comes with Vibro-Staff and Blaster.

All four ROTJ Vintage figures are Summer 2023 releases and are mainstream US releases, with UK and Europe sold via the Fan Channel.

The live event then moved to the other anniversary in 2023, the 20th Anniversary of The Clone Wars.

The first reveal for this celebration is ARC Clone Commander Jessie who is a re-decor of the existing ARC Trooper and features a removable helmet and fully painted Jessie head sculpt underneath. He comes with twin blasters. The figure is a Walmart US exclusive, and Fan Channel here in the UK and around Europe.

The figure can be preordered in the US at Walmart Collector Con on March 16th (10am EST)

Another previous pipeline reveal Ki-Adi Mundi was fully revealed today. He is a new body and features a lightsaber with the ability to clip the hilt to his belt. Ki-Adi is still a way off release and will arrive in 2024 with more details to follow.

Moving on to The Bad Batch was a look at this Vintage Collection Clone Captain Howser. He was originally released under the original name of Clone Captain Ballast in a Bad Batch 4-pack - this name was updated to Hoswer when the show aired. He has a removable helmet and a blaster. Howser is a Summer 2023 release.

There will then be a new release of a Phase 2 Clone Trooper with newer articulation as well as a removable helmet and blaster. Both Howser and the Clone Trooper are general US releases, and a Fan Channel release in the UK and Europe. The Hasro Team indicated there would be no pre-order.

This new Clone Trooper body will also be used in a 212th Clone Batallion Troop Building 4-pack featuring 3 Troopers and Lieutenant Waxer. The figures all feature removable helmets and blasters and rifles. The Troop Builder Set is a Hasbro Pulse & Shop Disney US Exclusive, and available via Hasbro Puse in the UK and Europe. It arrives Summer 2023.

The Live Stream then moved into the Expanded Universe with a refresh of the Starkiller figure from The Force Unleashed. Starkiller has his twin sabers and additional costume accessories to create other looks from the game including his helmet and additional robes. Starkiller is a Spring 2023 release and again is a US mainstream release and Fan Channel in the UK and Europe.

The next reveal was in the 3.75 inch Retro Line and it is a Prototype Edition of The Mandalorian. It will be a Target US Exclusive, Toys R Us in Canada, and Fan Stores in the UK and Europe. It is due for a Spring 2023 release.

The final reveal is another 40th Anniversary product and it is a 1:1 role-play Scout Trooper helmet. It includes the voice changer and features a flip-up face plate.

Like most of today's reveals this is a Mainstream reveal in the US and Fan Channel in the UK and Europe.

We finished the Live Stream with the usual pipeline reveals, these included:-

Retro Collection from the Book of Boba Fett

  • Tusken Boba Fett

  • Tusken Raider

  • Fennec Shand

  • Krrsantan

  • Cad Bane

  • Jedi Luke Skywalker

  • Grogu and backpack

  • The Mandalorian

Vintage Collection

  • Book of Boba Fett Luke Skywalker in training gear

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi & Battle Damaged Darth Vader from Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+

  • Imperial Speeder Bike from The Mandalorian

  • N1 Starfighter from The Mandalorian

Black Series

  • Book of Boba Fett Luke Skywalker and Grogu

  • Gaming Greats Darth Malgus from Old Republic Game (Deluxe)


  • Ahsoka Loyalist Clone Trooper Helmet

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