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Custom : The Vulture, Spider-Man Homecoming, Diamond Select 1/10 Scale

Marvel Cinematic Universe Vulture

Marvel Select 7" scale


  • Hasbro "Action Feature" Vulture

  • WWE Create-a-Superstar Roman Reigns Special Forces Set

  • Diamond Select Falcon

Paints - Revell Aquacolor / Tamiya

Spider-Man Homecoming will see Diamond release just one 7" figure, the titular Spider-Man in his Stark built Tech-Suit. With the primary villain, Vulture, being a design I really like - I set about making one in Select 7" scale to face off against Peter Parker

With the three main parts assembled there is a bit of kit bashing needing to get the three figures to work together. The easy bit is the Falcon and the WWE figure. Falcon was boiled and the torso removed from the legs and the head & arms taken off. The rear part of Falcon's flight suit was taken off also - but that has been kept pending the next stage of this custom and to add Vulture's wings.

The torso for Falcon already has a round socket on the bottom, and this needs extending slightly to accept the lower waist and legs from the WWE figure. Once these are attached, Falcon's belt was fixed onto the WWE waist to hide the slight gap between the two figures.

The WWE figures comes with two arms, I used the dark grey ones for Vulture - but swapped out the hands with the metal arms. The two WWE arms were inserted into the Falcon socket. The torso needs heating up, and you have to trim a couple of mm off the end of the WWE arms.

The head and feet are more complicated. The Vulture head does pop off the Hasbro figure easily enough, but it has a very wide fixing. I filled the helmet with epoxy putty, and let that set before re-drilling so it fits on Falcon's neck.

For the feet I warmed up the Hasbro legs and carefully sliced off the two side claws and the one at the back. The WWE boots were shaved to the side to create a flat surface and the sliced off claws attached. I used some left over soft plastic material to add a couple of braces down each side and up the inner boot.

With everything assembled, the Vulture then needs his fur collar. This was added in epoxy putty and then "fluffed" up to replicate fur.

The torso and arms were painted a deep brown, and I left the original colouring on the straps from Falcon in place. The fur was painted cream. The shoulder pads and wrist gauntlets were done in silver and the straps in grey. I washed the jacket and the fur in a darker brown wash and finally a black wash. The fur was finished with a dry brush in a very light shade of cream.

The trousers were done in a deep green, with grey strapping and silver kneed pads. These were also washed in a black wash to dirty them up.

The clawed boots were undercoated, then done in silver. A final wash was applied here too.

The helmet was done in deep grey with two side panels picked out in green. Metallic silver was added round the "nose" as well as the chin area and the two breathing tubes. I do like the green LED eyes on the Vulture from the movie. To try and get this to work I painted the visor matt black and added a bright silver spot and on top of this a green colour. The visor was then varnished with three layers of gloss clear varnish to add depth.

Vulture fits in nicely with the other 7" Select figures, and the only issue is his current lack of wings.

Update September 2017

We've finally given Vulture his wings. As suspected the best option for this 7" scale figure was the build-a-wing set that came with the Spider-Man Homecoming Wave of Marvel Legends. While costly, they do look superb on the Vulture.

The wings come with a plug on the backpack, and all that was needed to make them compatable with the Vulture was to fill the cavity on the back of the Marvel Select Falcon torso with modelling putty (we used GW Greenstuff). Before it set we inserted the wing peg into the soft putty to make a socket. We then let the putty harden. The wings now slot in, and Vulture stands pretty well with the wings in place and is an impressive centrepiece of my display. Further images of the winged Vulture are added to the gallery below...


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