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Custom / Repaint : Captain America, Age of Ultron, Diamond Select 1/10 Scale

Marvel Cinematic Universe Age of Ultron Captain America

Marvel Select 7" scale


  • Bootleg 7" Captain America

  • Marvel Legends Civil War Captain America Shield

  • 2mm x 0.5mm Neodymium Magnets

  • 5mm x 1mm Neodymium Magnets

Paints - Revell Aquacolor

  • Blue 56 matt - Bulk of outfit. Mixed darker for panels around shoulders

  • Black 08 matt - Boots

  • White 05 matt - Arms & Mid-drift

  • Black 07 gloss, chest trim & belt

  • Leather 84 matt - Boots, belt and strapping

  • Carmine Red 36 matt - Red panels

  • Silver 90 metallic - Buckles, Centre Star and helmet "A"

  • Flesh 35 matt - Face touch up

  • Clear Gloss 01 varnish - to gloss up helmet, arms and mid-drift

As many collectors are aware, following the cinematic release of Captain America Civil War a number of bootleg figures were released for the main characters in the movie. These were originating in China, but unlike a lot of bootlegs these were pretty nicely sculpted and articulated.

The majority were also in scale (or near enough) to the 7" Marvel Select figures from Diamond.

While I do not condone fake copies of existing figures, these bootlegs are not a direct copy of a released figure. They also represent characters not available in the 7" scale.

The Captain America from this series of bootleg figures was a particularly glossy version of the Civil War figure. While Diamond had already released a far superior Civil War Capt, this bootleg was too good an opportunity to pass up for a repaint to more resemble his Age of Ultron outfit.

The figure stands at 7" high, the tallest of the bootlegs and the best match for the 7" Select Marvel figures. The shield supplied with the bootleg is too small. The best fit for the figure would be the new sized shield from the Select Civil War release - or in my case I used the identically sized shield from the Marvel Legends Civil War Captain America.

There is no immediate customisation of this figure. It was simply a case of heating him up and stripping him to his component parts. He was then repainted head to toe with Revel Aquacolor acrylic paints as detailed in the paint list at the top of the page.

I wanted to take Cap one stage further than a repaint and was intrigued to see if I could replicate the Stark Tech upgrade that Cap was sporting in Age of Ultron with the magnetic shield.

To achieve this I ordered a couple of sizes of Neodymium magnets from eBay (see Spider Magnets) for 99p a set. The tiny 0.5mm magnets were attached to Cap's and painted to match the outfit.

The smaller magnets were also placed on the strapping to Cap's back. On the shield I cut off the hand straps and filled in the gaps left with some rubber. Onto these I glued the larger 5mm magnets (making sure that the polarities matched).

While the Shield won't leap into Cap's hand - it does attach to either his arm or his back purely on the strength of the magnets.

Scale wise, Cap fits in with the official 7" Select figures pretty well. He is a touch shorter than the Civil War Captain America from Diamond, but alongside the Civil War Iron-Man he fits really well - same with older characters like Avengers Hawkeye or Age of Ultron Black Widow.


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