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Custom : Hawkeye - Civil War, Diamond Select scale 1/10

Marvel Cinematic Universe Civil War Hawkeye

Marvel Select 7" scale


  • Bootleg Civil War Hawkeye

  • Jeremy Renner Head Cast - Kent32

Paints - Revell Aquacolor

  • Flesh 35 matt, skin tones

  • Leather Brown 84 matt, base color for hair/eyes

  • White 05 matt, eyes

  • Anthacite 09 matt, clothing

  • Black 08 matt, clothing / boots

  • NIght Blue 54 gloss, purple panels on outfit

  • Clear Matt 02, for dulling down the above blue

  • Silver 90 metallic, buckles and dry brushing on bow/quiver

As many collectors are aware, following the cinematic release of Captain America Civil War a number of bootleg figures were released for the main characters in the movie. These were originating in China, but unlike a lot of bootlegs these were pretty nicely sculpted and articulated.

The majority were also in scale (or near enough) to the 7" Marvel Select figures from Diamond.

While I do not condone fake copies of existing figures, these bootlegs are not a direct copy of a released figure. They also represent characters not available in the 7" scale.

The issue with the figures in the main is poor head sculpts. The human heads also tend to be too small vs the body and are painted in gloss paint.

Thanks to the brilliant Kent32 a Jeremy Renner sculpt in 7" scale was available so with one of these shipped over from Kent32 it was a case of giving the Civil War Hawkeye a repaint.

These bootlegs are easily disassembled for painting with a little hot water or hair drying. Once Hawkeye was in parts he was painted in an Anthracite Grey coat and then onto this areas were picked out in black and a dark blue colour. It was then a case of picking out the silver buckles and giving the bow and quiver a dry-brush of silver.

The bow itself comes with a quite thick plastic string, so I cut this off. The only issue with the quiver is that it is not stocked with any arrows - I am still looking for this.

My face painting skills are very basic. and Hawkeye was given a flesh tone. Then lips with a touch of red in the flesh tone. The eyes were painted white with brown iris. Hair and eyebrows were added with a dark brown base and then a gradual dry-brush of lighter tones over the top.

Hawkeye is a touch smaller than his original Select Avengers release, but he doesn't look massively out of place alongside other figures. If you want to make him a touch taller then you can hyper extend the hips with a bit of downward force.

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