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Custom : Falcon, Civil War, Diamond Select 1/10 Scale

Marvel Cinematic Universe Civil War Falcon

Marvel Select 7" scale


  • Bootleg 6.5" Falcon

  • Bootleg 6.5" Ant-Man

  • Diamond Select Falcon (Winter Soldier)

  • 1/6 clear perspex doll stand

Paints - Revell Aquacolor

  • Anthacite 09 matt, costume

  • Black 08 matt, costume & shoes

  • Black 07 gloss, chest trim & belt

  • Leather 84 matt, skin tone

  • Carmine Red 36 matt, chest and shoulder trim

  • Purple Red 331 silk matt, wing detailing

  • Silver 90 metallic, buckles, belts and flight pack

Paints - Tamiya

  • Tamiya X-10 Gun Metal - drybrushing

  • Tamiya X-35 Semi Gloss Coat - wings and shoulders

As many collectors are aware, following the cinematic release of Captain America Civil War a number of bootleg figures were released for the main characters in the movie. These were originating in China, but unlike a lot of bootlegs these were pretty nicely sculpted and articulated.

The majority were also in scale (or near enough) to the 7" Marvel Select figures from Diamond.

While I do not condone fake copies of existing figures, these bootlegs are not a direct copy of a released figure. They also represent characters not available in the 7" scale.

One of these that I was really keen to add to my Civil War display was the sleeker version of Falcon in his black and red flight suit. The bootleg figure is about the shortest of the set and is closer to Marvel Legends 6" scale in hand.

To make him taller I took him apart and swapped out the lower abdomen and waist section with the same piece from the bootleg Ant-Man. The two share very similar features and details, but the Ant-Man piece is larger and increases Falcon's height. I also took the hands from Ant-Man and the two side pouches from the belt and moved these over to Falcon. The other part of the recipe was the head from the original Winter Soldier Falcon from Diamond.

With the parts assembled the whole body requires a repaint. You can see the paint list above, but in the main black and anthracite grey were used to base coat the costume. Red trim was added on the shoulders and chest and then silver to the buckles and wrists.

Once painted the figure was re-assembled. The Diamond head needed no repainting and just needed the socket widening to then fit onto the ball of the bootleg torso - retaining full articulation.

The wings themselves are not much smaller than the original Winter Soldier versions. These simply needed the red panels darkening using a purple red colour and then varnishing this with a semi-gloss coat. The rest of the wings were drybrushed in silver.

I really wanted the Falcon to be able to be posed in a flight pose and took a leaf from the recent Diamond Star Lord figure. I drilled a hole in the rear of the torso, matching it to a plug that was on the 1/6 doll stand that I purchased on eBay.

This means that instead of relying on a clasp - the arm of the stand plugs directly into the figure and holds him in a flight pose.

Size wise we are pushing the boundaries here on the proportions of the head vs the body. He does size well enough with the other Select figures and once in flight it is less noticeable.

Adding Falcon to the official Cap and Bucky and my custom Hawkeye really bolsters Team Cap for my Civil War display.


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