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An early look at Rogue One K-2SO 3.75" Star Wars figure

Thanks to a local Asda breaking the 30th September 2016 street date I laid my hands on one of the first wave of Rogue One 3.75" figures from Hasbro, K-2SO.

3.75" scale figures are not my usual bag, but they are something Mini-Meph collects and plays. He will be adding his thoughts to this review after introducing K-2SO to the rest of the gang and playing with him for a couple of days. In the meantime, here are my top line views on K-2SO.

In terms of the positives, then K-2SO is a very imposing figure, standing almost 4 1/2 inches high, therefore towering over most other 3.75" figures. The sculpt is really nice and the articulation is pretty innovative for a 5POA figure. The head for example is on a double ball joint which means the head moves fully round, and then a joint lower down allows the head to move up or down towards or away from the chest.

These same ball joints are in place on the shoulders and hips and give some more movement than normal 5POA figures. There is also a good amount of paint decal with a scratched imperial logo on the shoulder and some more strategic silver detailing, some of which is panel edging where as others are deliberate to make the black paint look worn and scratched.

The figure still comes with one of those "imagined" pack in pieces, but at least this one has been thought about and instead of building something over a number of figures, it acts as a weapon for K-2SO. It clips to his arm and the hand then grips the silver grip. The weapon then has a pull out grapple hook which is on a spring that pulls the cord back in when released - reminds me of a piece that came with a Naboo accessory pack back in 1999.

The downside on the figure is stability, an issue I hope doesn't translate to the Black Series version. K-2SO by design is top heavy, with a bulky chest sitting on very splindly legs. This means he cannot stand, no matter how hard you try. The nearest I got was bending him over considerably which of course then looks odd. Some wider feet would have helped, as would positioning the feet a bit squarer to the legs or even adding an ankle joint. To allow for free-standing play / display you will have to put K-2SO onto a stand of some kind.

So considering the new RRP on these is somewhere between £8 and £9 then you have to say that this is a fairly positive first release, but we will reserve scoring until Mini-Meph has given his view (check back soon)


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