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#AlienDay426 NECA Top 10 Alien Figures - Fan's Choice...

To celebrate Alien Day 2016 we asked NECA fans and collectors worldwide to choose their Top 3 figures from the NECA Alien range, up to and including Series 7 (AvP).

Our Top 10 is now revealed, so scroll down to find out what made the Top 10 and what figure came out at Number one - as voted for by the fans & collectors.

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The Grid Alien was released in 2016 as part of Series 7, the first series to take the NECA range beyond the solo Alien movie’s and into the Alien vs Predator film from 2004.

The Grid Alien is arguably one of the most articulated Xeno’s to date and 11% of our voters selected the Grid Alien in their Top 3.

Corporal Hicks is our number 9 figure, with 14% of our voters picking him in their Top 3.

Hicks has actually had two figures so far in the range, the single release from Series 1 and the helmeted alternative version from the 2-pack with a Xenomorph Warrior. Both were released in 2013.

Series 6, 2015, saw NECA move from the Alien movie’s to the highly popular Alien Isolation movie.

Along with figures of Amanda, the daughter of Ellen Ripley, they also released the Isolation Xenomorph. The Isolation Xeno was a cross between the original 1979 Big Chap and the 1986 Warrior and came with upgraded articulation.

The Isolation Xeno picked up votes from 15% of our contributors

Our countdown hits number 7, and it’s our 3rd Xenomorph.

This time it’s the turn of the 1986 Alien Warrior who was originally released in 2013/4 as part of Series 1 (brown) and Series 2 (Blue). He also showed up as damaged versions in the Marine 2-packs.

Even though the hip articulation is now dated and been heavily improved on the more recent Xeno’s, these 1986 Warriors are the ultimate army builder and essential for any hive. No wonder then that 17% of our voters picked this one in their top 3.

It was 2014 and Series 2 when we got our hands on the original “Big Chap” from the 1979 movie - the Alien that started it all.

NECA captured Geiger’s original design perfectly, and although fans may start to hope for a revisit on this one with the improved articulation we saw on the Concept version, the Big Chap obviously has a place in many collectors hearts picking up votes from 20% of our contributors.

I almost combined the Grid and AvP Warrior into one choice in the vote, but decided against it - and it looks like that was the right decision as the fans obviously rate this newest figure from NECA really highly.

The AvP warrior arrived in early 2016 as part of series 6 and shares the same mold and articulation of the Grid Alien.

Where the Warrior has the advantage is the ability to army build him and to line a host of these up against the NECA AvP Predator’s who were released at the same. Our number 5 figure rocked in with votes from 21% of our contributors

Not a figure as such, but the Power Loader from 2015 is a real beast and an absolute must for Alien collectors.

Many have tried to replicate the Power Loader in the past, but NECA’s mix of diecast and plastic is pretty close to perfect. The details are amazing and the whole piece comes to life once you insert the pilot.

The Power Loader found a place in the Top 3 of 26% of our voters.

Was there any doubt that Ripley would make the Top 10? Perhaps more surprising is the fact that Ripley is only the 2nd human in our Top 10 - cementing how popular the Xeno’s are across the range.

Ripley takes the number 3 spot, and specifically it is her 1986 Aliens figure that 31.98% of our contributors picked in their top 3 - miles ahead of the 1979 Flightsuit Ripley at 9% and Spacesuit Ripley at 6%.

Ripley is pivotal to the Alien saga, and also to the NECA range being both a stand-alone figure in her own right, but also a companion piece to the Power Loader in any final showdown diorama.

The Dog Alien, from Alien 3, hit collections in 2014 as part of Series 3 - and will soon be re-released (and most likely updated) as part of Series 7.

The Dog Alien provides a significantly different look to the other Xenos in the range with his sleek black gloss dome, shorter and more sleeker stature and that brown and black colour scheme.

The Dog Alien was a surprise in our Top 3 and sneaked in to the #2 spot in the final few days of voting, with 32.37% contributors picking him - a narrow margin of 0.39% over Ripley.

Was there any doubt that our number one would be the “mummy” of them all.

The NECA Alien Queen Deluxe Box Set hit stores in December 2014 and was a huge hit dominating Hive’s all over the world.

From her massive working jaws to the articulated arms to that paint job with it’s bronze highlights and all over slimy sheen.

The Queen came in top with an absolute landslide with a staggering 69% of our contributors picking her in their top 3. I suspect it will take some time until NECA release a figure in the Alien range who will come close to knocking her off top spot?

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