NECA Ultimate Freddy Part III.jpg
NECA Ultimate Jason Voorhees Part 2 (1).
NECA Ultimate Jason Part III (9).jpg
NECA Ultimate Jason Part 4 (1).jpg
Friday the 13th Part 5 NECA Jason (4).jp
NECA Jason Voorhees Part 6 (4).jpg
NECA Jason Voorhees Remake 2009 Ultimate
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Jason, Freddy vs Jason NECA (16).jpg
NECA Ultimate Ash, Evil Dead 2 (5).jpg
NECA Ultimate Ash vs Evil Dead 2-Pack (1
NECA Ultimate Ash, Ash vs Evil Dead (10)
NECA Ultimate Leatherface, Texas Chainsa
NECA Ultimate Chucky Childs Play (8).jpg
NECA Ultimate Chucky and Tiffany (5).jpg
NECA Halloween Laurie Strode (4).jpg
NECA Ultimate 1990 Pennywise, IT (12).jp
NECA Ultimate 2017 Pennywise, IT (11).jp
NECA Ultimate Derry Pennywise IT  (10).j
NECA Ultimate Well House Pennywise (8).j
NECA Ultimate Dancing Clown Pennywise (2
NECA Pennywise IT Chapter 2 (7).jpg
NECA Ultimate Gremlin (8).jpg
NECA Ultimate Stripe, Gremlins (6).jpg
NECA Ultimate Gamer Gremlin (6).jpg
NECA Christmas Carol Gremlins (4).jpg
Ultimate Endocop and Terminator Dog NECA
NECA Ultimate Future RoboCop (6).jpg
NECA Ultimate Scarface, Predator Concret
NECA Ultimate Jungle Hunter Predator (15
NECA Ultimate City Hunter Predator (3).j
NECA Ultimate Ahab Predator (11).jpg
NECA Predator Ultimate Golden Angel (7).
NECA Ultimate Predator Bad Blood and Enf
NECA Ultimate Fugitive Predator 2018 (3)
NECA Assassin Predator (7).jpg
NECA Ultimate Emissary Predator (3).jpg
NECA Ultimate Lab Escape Predator (8).jp
NECA Ultimate Emmissary Predator 2 (3).j
NECA Lasershot (14).jpg
NECA Aliens Action Figures (16).jpg
NECA Aliens Action Figures (17).jpg
SDCC 2019 Ultimate Big Chap Alien (9).jp
SDCC 2019 Dog Alien NECA (10).jpg
NECA Crooked Man (4).jpg
SDCC 2019 Annabelle NECA (3).jpg
NECA Sam Trick R Treat (8).jpg
SDCC 2019 NECA Hellraiser (3).jpg

Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy Krueger

Freddy (Freddy's Revenge)
Freddy (Dream Warrior)

Friday the 13th

Jason Voorhees (Part 2)

Jason Voorhees (Part 3)

Jason Voorhees (Part 4)

Jason Voorhees (Part 5)

Jason Voorhees (Part 6)

Jason Voorhees (Friday 13th 2009)

Roy Burns (Part 5)

Jason Voorhees (Freddy vs Jason)

The Evil Dead 2


Ash vs Deadite

Ash vs The Evil Dead


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Childs Play

Chucky (Childs Play)

Chucky & Tiffany (Bride of Chucky)


Michael Myers (Halloween 2018)
Laurie Strode (Halloween 2018)

Michael Myers (Halloween 2)

IT (1990)


Pennywise v.2

IT & IT Chapter 2 (2017/2019)


Pennywise, Derry

Pennywise, The Wellhouse

Pennywise the Dancing Clown

Pennywise, IT Chapter 2





Gamer Gremlin

Christmas Carol 2-Pack  (1)

Christmas Carol 2-Pack  (2)

Pacific Rim

Striker Eureka

Gipsy Danger


T-800 Terminator, Tech Noir

T-800 Terminator, Police Station Assault

Terminator 2


Sarah Connor


T-1000 Motorcycle Cop

Robocop vs Terminator

EndoCop and Terminator Dog

Future RoboCop


John Matrix


Scarface Predator (Concrete Jungle)

Jungle Hunter (Predator)

City Hunter (Predator 2)

Ahab Predator (Comic)

Golden Angel Predator (Comic)

Bad Blood vs Enforcer (Comic)

Fugitive Predator (Predator 2018)

Assassin Predator (Predator 2018)

Emissary Predator (Predator 2018)

Fugitive "Lab Escape" (Predator 2018)

Emissary Predator #2 (Predator 2018)

Lasershot (Kenner)


Brown Xenomorph Warrior

Blue Xenomorph Warrior

Big Chap Xenomorph (Alien)

Dog Alien (Alien 3)

The Conjuring Universe

The Crooked Man


Trick 'r Treat




NECA launched their Ultimate Collection of Action Figures in 2014. The premise was to create the "Ultimate" release of a figure by including a wealth of options for the collector including swap out body parts and multiple accessories. The first release was Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street, and horror movie figures would go on to be a mainstay of the line. The Terminator figures soon followed as did Predator and Alien finally joined the Ultimate Series in 2018.
The releases are packed in closed boxes, with the box art based - where possible - on the artwork from the movie or perhaps a VHS or Videogame release. The figure can be viewed by an opening flap.
About. National Entertainment Collectibles Association is one of the largest manufacturers of wholesale licensed merchandise anywhere. We offer retailers an incredible selection of products based on a wide variety of licenses from movies, TV shows, video games, comic books and more. Whether it’s wholesale products from movies like Aliens and Godzilla, or from Marvel and DC Comics, we provide our retailers with the hottest licensed merchandise they can get.

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