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Boxed, Exclusive, 2-Pack

Amazon, Spider-Man 60th Anniversary

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Brilliant but arrogant scientist Otto Octavius resorts to crime to advance his amoral scientific endeavors. Bitten by the same radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his powers, Cindy Moon develops spider powers of her own and soon takes on the role of Silk! With over 80 years of entertainment history, Marvel has become a cornerstone of fan collections around the world. With the Marvel Legends Series, fan favorite Marvel Comic Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe characters are designed with premium detail and articulation for posing and display in collections. From figures to vehicles to premium roleplay items, the Marvel Legends Series offers elite character-inspired product for Marvel fans and collectors. Additional figures each sold separately. Subject to availability.

  • MARVEL COMICS-INSPIRED DESIGN: Fans, collectors, and kids alike can enjoy this 6-inch scale 60th Anniversary Marvel’s Silk and Doctor Octopus 2-pack inspired by the characters’ appearances in Marvel Comics!

  • PREMIUM POSABILITY AND ARTICULATION: This 6-inch Legends Series Marvel’s Silk and Doctor Octopus figure 2-pack feature extensive articulation, offering dynamic posability with other Marvel Legends figures.

  • CLASSIC DOC OCK: This 6-inch Doctor Octopus figure features deco and inspired by his classic Marvel comics appearance, his iconic tentacles, and alternate head and hand accessories!

  • SILKEN WEBSLINGER: This 6-inch Marvel’s Silk features the deco inspired by the character’s classic Marvel comics costume, and includes alternate masked head and alternate hands accessories!

  • SPIDER-MAN 60th ANNIVERSARY FIGURES: Look for other Hasbro Marvel Legends Series figures celebrating 60 amazing years of Spider-Man! (Additional figures each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

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