About Me


"I have a problem, and that problem is Toys despite being old enough to know better"

The Mephitsu Archives started as a simple blog in 2014 and has continue to evolve since. The inspiration were the big US sites and my aim is to replicate their mix of action figure news, reviews and references with a distinctly UK focus.


So who am I.... Well I live in the UK and I have been collecting action figures for close to 30 years and will be using this site to share my collection and also my inane ramblings, reviews and news summaries with the world. My key focus is on 5” Dr Who Figures, 6” Star Wars Black Series and 6-7” scale figures from my favourite movies and franchises - including the Marvel Cinematic Universe with collections of both Marvel Selects and Marvel Legends. I share my Action Figure passion with my 9 year old clone we are building up a big 3.75” Star Wars horde to recreate the movies on the lounge floor.


I am also a bit of a magpie for other bits that look nice, and that results in a lot of toing and froing on ebay, so have a look at the current set of items for sale. Word of warning, I collect and display loose figures. So if you can't bear ripped packaging and dust on figures then move along now.

Have a mooch round as the collections are pictured on the site, alongside some customs and my top line reviews and opinions of new acquisitions and collecting news around the key franchises that I collect

Why Mephitsu? A happy accident! In 2002 I signed up for my first ever online game, an MMORPG called Legend of Mir. Coming up with a character name was a hard decision and I was racking my brains for something cool and unique. I was going for Mephisto (Mephistopholes) as a name my memory had stashed away from either its use in Marvel comics or its origin in German culture - but I mis-remembered and mis-spelt the name as Mephitsu. The name stuck and I have used it in every online game ever since and it is therefore appropriate to name my online archive after my online alter-ego