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Sheila the Thief



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Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Series 1

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Dungeons & Dragons

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Sheila the Thief
Sheila the Thief

Don’t let her small stature fool you- Sheila the Thief is exceptionally brave and often puts herself in perilous situations to help her fellow teammates! Inspired by the classic ’80s animated series, this highly articulated, 7” scale Dungeons & Dragons ULTIMATES! Figure of Sheila the Thief features intricate sculpt and premium paint detail and comes with an array of interchangeable heads and hands, as well as a soft goods Cloak of Invisibility and net accessory. Bring the adventure home with the Dungeons & Dragons ULTIMATES! Figure of Sheila the Thief! 

Please note that this ULTIMATES! Figure will not come with a packaging sleeve.

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