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Ren & Stimpy Series 1

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Ren & Stimpy

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He’s as simple as a single-color Rubik's Cube, but behind his dopey feline exterior, Stimpy is a naïve soul with a heart of some precious metal. Not gold, of course. Maybe palladium or iridium… no, not that. Ah! We’ve got it: Rhenium! Yep, that seems right. A heart of rhenium! Yes, it is SO a thing, just look it up, you troglodyte! Sheesh! This 7” scale highly articulated Ren & Stimpy ULTIMATES! figure of Stimpson J. Cat features premium sculpting and decoration, interchangeable heads & hands, as well as a number of detailed accessories. We know that owning this made-to-order Ren & Stimpy ULTIMATES! figure may not be for everyone, because most people are super-lame, but not YOU! You are one of the special ones who knows that if you don’t have the Ren & Stimpy ULTIMATES! figures in your collection, you might as well not have a collection at all!


  • 2x interchangeable faceplates

  • 1x regular expression

  • 1x joyful expression

  • 6x interchangeable hands

  • 2x expressive hands

  • 2x open hands

  • 2x gripping hands

  • 1x litter box

  • 1x bag of Gritty Kitty Litter

  • 1x Mr. Stinky

  • 1x Nose Goblin

  • 1x rubber nipple hat

  • 1x fish skeleton

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