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Quicksilver (Toy Version)



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Silverhawks Series 4

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Quicksilver (Toy Version)
Quicksilver (Toy Version)

The only thing faster than Quicksilver’s reflexes are his quick thinking and decision making under pressure! This 7” scale, highly detailed SilverHawks ULTIMATES! Figure of Quicksilver in vac-metal is inspired by the iconic 1980s toy line. It features intricate sculpting and premium detailing, an interchangeable head and multiple interchangeable hands, and a set of interchangeable wings. From the 29th century by way of the 1980s, this SilverHawks ULTIMATES! Figure of Quicksilver will be a timeless addition to any SilverHawks or retro-toy collection!

Please note: Due to the fragile nature of the vac-metal finish, this figure should be handled with care and posed delicately to avoid chipping or cracking.

  • 2x Interchangeable heads

  • 1x Neutral head

  • 1x Helmeted head

  • 8x Interchangeable hands

  • 2x Fist hands

  • 2x Flat hands

  • 2x Open hands

  • 2x Grip hands

  • 4x Interchangeable arms

  • 2x Human arms

  • 2x Winged arms

  • Tally-Hawk

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