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Black Falcon (Hellfire)



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The Worst, Series 4

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The Worst

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Black Falcon (Hellfire)
Black Falcon (Hellfire)

Hell hath no fury like Black Falcon’s drive to inflict pain, terror, and death wherever he deigns to travel. This highly articulated, 7” scale The Worst ULTIMATES! Hellfire Black Falcon is cast in translucent orange and features bright red, yellow and black premium paint detail that highlights the Undead Warlord of Doom’s burning desire to bring fiery damnation to anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path! With interchangeable heads and hands, as well as an arsenal of weapons and accessories, there’s no limit to how many ways this intricately sculpted The Worst ULTIMATES! Black Falcon Hellfire figure can wreak havoc in your collection!

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